Does anyone know how to set up a post back

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Does anyone know how to set up a post back

So I own my own social exchange website its going farely ok as I have just over 200 members so far. Not sure if any of you herd of sites like Super rewards and which pay members for doing daily tasks to surveys and also downloading apps. Well I have added super rewards easy on my website now am struggling at the minute making a as I joined it and asks me to create a postback setting on my server and not really sure how to do this .

Any help would be brilliant am fairly new to scripting and coding but learned few tricks. There is so much I still need to do just at the minute trying to figure out this settings.


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Have no idea mate as have never used that site yet and don't have one of those social exchange sites. Although I've been thinking about starting one. Does anyone know how to set up a post back If I do I will pick your brains about it lol. But did you figure it out in the end? I know it sounds daft but did you Google it? lol. I would imagine that someone else has had the same problem and asked about it and had his/her issue solved through the response and answer of someone else or something. Usually on some forum or somewhere. If not then see if you can open and send a support ticket to them to see if they can help you with it. :/

Don't know what else to suggest mate!

Good luck to you though!


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