15 Solid Ways to Connect & Make Friends with Bloggers in Your Niche - Part 2

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15 Solid Ways to Connect & Make Friends with Bloggers in Your Niche - Part 2

Okay so yesterday I posted 15 Solid Ways to Make Friends and Connections with Other Bloggers in Your Niche. But I only posted 5 ways. And here today I want to post about another 5 ways to make friends and connections with bloggers in your niche. Since networking with other blogs can help your blog to survive and succeed in many different ways!

Remember, just because they are your competitors or rivals, it doesn't have to mean you shouldn't have anything to do with them! On the contrary, if you are smart, you can take advantage of your rival/competing blogs in several ways and here we'll talk about some more of those ways and means and methods.

6. Be Helpful

This might involve doing some research first, and it can be quite borderline psychotic, but if you dig deep enough, you can usually sometimes find out about some problem that blogger has. Maybe perhaps they've posted on some forum asking how to do something. Or they've even made a blog post about some problem they are having. Well what you have to do is find a solution to that problem and then present them with it. Whether it's just replying to them on the forum they posted on, on their own blog, or even emailing them to say "Hey, I saw you asked about this, well I've found a solution and thought you might like to know it".

By doing that and being helpful to them, they'll remember that and it will put you in their good books. Even if they know you are a competitor blog! After this you will have made a friend and then it will be much easier to ask for a guest post or link exchange or shout4shout or something like that. And if you are helpful to enough people, this can really add up to a lot of connections and networking! 15 Solid Ways to Connect & Make Friends with Bloggers in Your Niche - Part 2

7. Read The Blogs and Respond Thoughtfully

Thoughtful comments that have clearly had some thought put into them are usually always approved by the blog master, even if they are linking to a competitors blog! But through your competitors blog posts, you can forge a good name for yourself as a great poster and by writing and posting thoughtful comments to their blog posts (or even replying to someone else's comments) will make them take note of you and if you post enough great comments on their blog. They will be practically falling over themselves to publish your comments each and every time!

By posting great comments on your competitors blogs (even without linking out to your own), you'll earn their respect and admonition and this will make it easier to ask for things like guest posts, links etc etc when they know you are active. Besides, they wouldn't want to say no here since if they do it might mean you don't comment on their blog any more. Play on this without playing on it if you know what I mean.

8. Give More Than You Take

A lot of bloggers, webmasters and affiliates today are on the take take take! They take much more than they give back! But sharing is caring and sharing makes the world go round! So if you can, try to give more than you take. I know that might sound contradictory to what you're actually doing (you're trying to make money online) but it doesn't mean you have to lose out on any earnings by giving away all that you have! All it means is that instead of taking things from people that help your blog or site in some way, offer those things to people as well. Always taking guest posts? Why not offer some too?

9. Attend Local Blogger Conferences

What is a local blogger conference? It's a place where bloggers can get together and discuss all things blogging! Or anything in their niche if there are people in the same niche attending that blogger conference. Blogger conferences can take place in a physical location. Or you can even attend online blogger conferences too. These work like online seminars. You can find them online by searching for them with something like "Blogger Conference YOUR AREA". Or "Blogger Conference YOUR NICHE". To help you get started, here's an Ultimate List of Blog Conferences.

All you'll need to do is find out when they are and where they are and then attend! By doing so you'll meet up with other Bloggers (perhaps some in your niche) and be able to learn a lot about the kinds of things they do to increase their blogs success or even make new friends, connections, bloggers to network with!

10. Participate in Group Pinterest Boards

Okay this one is one that not a lot of people do but those that do do it can do quite well from it. Group Pinterest Boards are basically shared boards where everyone has collaborator rights (can pin to it). Some of these group Pinterest boards can have many hundreds of collaborators in as well as many many thousands of followers too! Getting access to these boards isn't always easy (especially in some niches). But it's not impossible. You can get invited to these boards if you know how to find them and who to ask and how!

The best way to find them is to search in Google for something like "Group Pinterest Boards YOUR NICHE" and you'll probably find blogs that are advertising their group boards along with instructions on how to join them.

Where to Find Bloggers to Actually Network With?

Okay so this part of the guide is on how to actually find bloggers that you can network with. Networking means connecting in some way and taking advantage of the ways they can help you in exchange for you helping them. Remember, it's not all about taking as much as it's about giving and remember part 8 Give More Than You Take! That's a great motto as when people see you doing that they'll know you're not all about the take take take!


Triberr is a home of Influencers. Triberr enables content creators to get more shares! You'll need to sign up first with your Twitter or Facebook account. Then when you're in you can search for blog posts in your niche. I'm in the crowdfunding niche for one of my blogs so searching that returns lots of blog posts on crowdfunding. Basically you'll be using Triberr to get followers with (Tribemates). The more of them you have, the more of them will share your content on their own blog. There is a small learning curve with Triberr. Fortunately they have a help and FAQ section you can read to get up to speed with how it all works.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats can be a very resourceful way to find bloggers to network with yet so underrated and underrused and overrlooked by a lot of bloggers too! You can easily find Twitter chats to join. You could even start your own! TweetChats allow people to participate in real time hashtag conversations. And they are a great way to gain exposure and grow your followers and engaging with your target audience. To find them just search in Google for "TweetChats YOUR NICHE" or even "TweetChats YOUR AREA". Check out And there is a great guide on TweetChats on Sprout Social here.

And that is 10 ways in which you can connect & make friends with bloggers in your niche. Plus a couple ways of actually finding them.

Follow this advice and you'll be one super cool and super popular Blogger in any niche you're in!


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These are indeed great ways for connecting and making friends in our respective niches. But we should not limit our circle of friends to just bloggers. We should also include everyone in the niche, whatever role they may be fulfilling. For example, in the home gardening niche, we should definitely connect with the home gardeners themselves, be they bloggers or not. The service providers should also be included, as well as providers of home gardening supplies and materials. The retailers, distribution channels, marketers and salesmen, whether online or not, book authors, magazine publishers, and so on. As mentioned in the post, it is vital not to treat anyone in the community as a competitor, or rival. They key is to respect all members of the community, and be contributing member of the community that is built around the niche.

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Participating on Pinterest group boards is a great idea to find contents in a certain niche and content creator producing content in that niche. I have a Pinterest account, however, I am not using Pinterest too much these days.
I have never heard of Triberr, I might check the site to find out how can benefit from this platform.

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Interacting with the blogs in your niche is a good advice because you can definitely get back a reaction whenever you post regularly good comments on their blogs. It is imperative for the blogger to read the comments on their blogs, of course, and it is also imperative for the blogger to respond. Imagine if you post a comment for the new posts, you are like establishing a connection with that blogger.

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