Paypal Dispute vs Paypal Claim, the differences between the two.

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Paypal Dispute vs Paypal Claim, the differences between the two.

A paypal dispute is not the same as a paypal claim because one is a little worse than the other. A lot of newer webmasters don't know the difference and that's why I'm here to post this discussion. Most of us have been in the situation where we log into our paypal account and we see a dispute or claim opened up against one of our sales and it's heart breaking because we know we're doing everything right.

What is a paypal dispute?
A paypal dispute is when you make a sale from your website and the buyer isn't completely happy with the service or product so they open a dispute to try and resolve something with you. Paypal doesn't really get involved with this right away because they want you to try and figure everything out with the buyer and come to an agreement to either keep up with the order or refund it in the buyers favor. Now the buyer can open a dispute for any reason under the sun. Hell, they could just not like how the sun is setting so they decided to open up a dispute and ruin your day. If you saved all of your conversations and set everything up on your website properly so that it's difficult for fraudsters to get a refund, you should be just fine. Well that is as long as you're running a legitimate service.

What is a paypal claim?
A paypal claim is when someone realllly doesn't want to deal with you anymore and they just want paypal to decide who is at fault and issue a refund or not. Usually, in my experience, I've only had people escalate a dispute right away to a claim when they are doing something they shouldn't and they want paypal to favor them and issue a refund. Normally when a claim is opened it's because the buyer thinks that both parties could not come to an agreement or the buyer is not ok with the response from the service provider so they escalates the dispute. If you have a chance to talk with the buyer during the dispute be sure to be professional and post as many items that prove you're in the right, because paypal will go over everything and award the win to who they think deserves it. If they see you as not performing your service how you claimed you would, they will deem the buyer in the right and award them the refund. But if you are seen as doing everything in the right you will get the satisfaction of the claim being closed. The beauty of getting a dispute or claimed closed in your favor is that the buyer cannot open one back up against you for the same purchase Paypal Dispute vs Paypal Claim, the differences between the two. But if they purchased using a credit or debit card they can always file a charge back which paypal is not known to fight against Paypal Dispute vs Paypal Claim, the differences between the two.

Whether you run a completely credible company and do everything right or if you run a fraudulent company and just pray on the weak, you'll get people opening up disputes and claims against you. Some of the situations I've been in are pretty ridiculous because the buyer thinks they're in the right when opening a dispute and escalating it immediately to a claim because I didn't respond 0.01 seconds after they emailed me. I've been called a scammer and a thief on open forums and blogs because I was asleep when they ordered and didn't call them immediately lol. The client IS NOT always right, and don't think for a second that you run a bad service because you got a dispute or it was escalated to a claim before you even had a chance to respond.

Hopefully this helps out someone.

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So the idea is if you are doing a deal with someone, you better get some screenshots of your conversations with the person in case you'll need to prove yourself.... and some of your competed work.....

When you are in the dispute stage, try to be professional,polite and smart.
It will take only one wrong word for you to refund it back, even if you are not wrong.....
so I think it is always better to settle things up without a DISPUTE

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The only problem is that most people will just open an dispute without contacting you, and it's infuriating Paypal Dispute vs Paypal Claim, the differences between the two.

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I am glad that I haven’t experienced submitting a Paypal dispute because it is kind of messy. That is one reason why I avoid using my Paypal for other means except for my online earnings. When I buy from online stores, I always use the COD scheme because that is the safest which assures me of the delivery of the product. And when there is something wrong with the product, I will not involve my Paypal account.

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