Youtube category are being moderated and many are being removed, even those with zero or low ratings

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Youtube category are being moderated and many are being removed, even those with zero or low ratings


If you’re a newbie and have zero or low ratings for your service gig based on YouTube then this is for you, it’s been a while since I’m here and based on my experience SEOclerk is a very promising platform with a lot of opportunity. But you may not survive without your customer support in terms of ratings and recommendations.

I myself I have been on a constant fight, the support provider representatives. For obvious obligations, removable of gigs with or without any reasons. And they’re just doing their job same like what we’re doing here. Getting an order for a new individual in SEO is not easy compared with one that have hundreds and thousands of ratings and recommendations. And what I have learned, if a customer doesn’t give you any ratings or recommendation, you cannot anything about it, then simply asking them as politely as necessary, but in most cases not all buyers even tend to respond on the messages you sent after you’ve already delivered the order.

So, excelling at your services is the best you can do. Make sure your service is quality, offers a cheap rate to kick start your service and get reviews, always deliver the service within the promised timeframe, always be online so that you can quickly respond to any query in your inbox. Or sell some other services other than YouTube.

Be smart and be creative to stand out of the crowd, not to mention the successful people you see on SEO, they’ve worked day and night to get to the position they’re in today.

Once you settle down my friends there is no removable of your services unless you’re selling Facebook
or other disallowed services.

This is a great platform, work hard and have patients.


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I like to have patients. I think the more patients I have the better! I also like to have some patience too. I think having patience goes hand in hand with having patients. Since working for patients often requires having some patience with those patients. Youtube category are being moderated and many are being removed, even those with zero or low ratings

Very good though and very true! What you have said. Although some of them are just lucky people and they are now loving their position. It certainly doesn't come without a lot of hard work and slugging through all the hours of the day and night!

Especially if you want to make a good name for yourself on here. A name that is trusted by clients that come back and again and again. But that only really happens when you provide people with a great customer service and a good quality service for their money at that too.

And I know what you're saying about some people not leaving feedback for the orders. You do get people like that. And sometimes even when you message them kindly asking for feedback they still choose not to. For their own reasons IDK.

Some people just don't understand how it works on here and once they've got their work done for them they think that's it. Some people do know how it works though and still don't leave feedback for the order, again, for their own reasons.

All you can really do is just thank them for their purchase of your service and wish them all the best in their ventures. Since it's completely up to them if they want to leave feedback or not and we can't always know the reason why they choose not to.

You just got to always try and remain as professional as possible and provide the same high quality service to everyone regardless to if they leave feedback or not.

One thing I like to do is offer a discount code for buyers that do leave their feedback. Since that makes it cheaper for them the next time they purchase I'd say it makes them about 30-40% more likely to do so. But some still don't. But they don't get a discount code.

Although I'd probably still give them one if they asked for it. But I'm a sucker like that. Youtube category are being moderated and many are being removed, even those with zero or low ratings

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The moderation for Youtube services may be related to the fake numbers that caused a big issue in Facebook that prompted the social media network to verify the likes and followers of dubious Facebook Pages. I guess there are also issues on Youtube views and subscribers that fake numbers were also reported. Maybe those fake views and fake subscribers are the cause of the moderation.

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