The traditional media wants to destroy alternative news sources.

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The traditional media wants to destroy alternative news sources.

Seems to me that the traditional media has declared war on everything and everyone that holds an alternative opinion and actually has a following.
The latest news: apparently big companies have removed their advertisements from Google Adwords, Facebook or Youtube because these channels somehow promote extremists and racists.

Although hate groups and racists people are all over the internet and you can't really silence them just because they're exercising their free speech, the traditional media is lying and somehow forcing big companies to remove their ads from these type of sources.
Once this happens, big and very popular Youtube channels may go out of business if the ads revenue is removed from their channels.
I think the traditional media is scared by YouTubers with a lot of subscribers and free thoughts and opinions, their independent, unpredictable and cannot be controlled as the establishment wants.

What do you think? Are free speech and alternative news being attacked by traditional media?


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Yeah I've seen that too on Pewdiepie's vid, I think it's sad how the traditional media had to step into a new low, but perhaps this isn't the first time they did it, they might've done it to their competitors before too. I think the traditional media is supposed to be scared, because if they don't adapt, they will reduce to ashes. Just think of the next generations to come, those who are currently watching youtube right now may end up as news anchors, in an online website. If they don't adapt to the changing technology then they will surely perish.

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I don't think that traditional media is trying to destroy the alternative media particularly news websites and YouTube videos. The fact that traditional media had placed ads in the alternative news sources in the Internet, that means they are preparing for a paradigm shift. But with the removal of such ads then more likely they have a different reason other than the destruction of the alternative media. In fact, the traditional media is waning in readership and they cannot stop that trend.

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I think a lot of internet based news sources are fake. I have seen buzzfeed and few among them. I am not sure how those type of the internet news sources are going to change the world. Most likely such news sources are faking things. And they don't seem to be adding much control over the content. You can see that traditional media is being used as a weapon. And so does the internet based news companies. Nothing has been changed. Only difference being the damage that happens with the internet is larger than other types of news.

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