Do you use free hosting and domain ?

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Do you use free hosting and domain ?

Hosting and Domain are very important for a website. High speed hosting and a professional/niche related domain always help to attract visitors. So I always try my best to choose the best hosting and domain for my website. I know most of the webmaster do the same Do you use free hosting and domain ?
I remember that time when I didn't have any money to buy hosting and domain for my website. So I have started my website with a free hosting and sub-domain. It was not so good, because I was getting too much downtime with the free hosting. I know free never tasted so good and that is why people use paid hosting and domain. But it was a good start for me. I think free hosting and domain is good for learning purpose not for professional things. However, what do you think about free hosting and domains ? Share your opinion and experience of free hosting and domain.


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I remember the very first site I owned was a fan site for a singer I liked. It was hosted using geocities which was free hosting and domain and was perfect for someone starting out like me and to learn the basics.

Free hosting and a domain is great if you are creating a site for fun or just to mess around with, some free hosting offer a great package with a decent amount of space and bandwidth, however if you are looking at creating a site for business purposes or even for money making purposes it is always wise to have some kind of paid hosting and a paid , professional domain name so that you get taken seriously.

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I use paid hosting with namecheap and never had a problem with them and support is excellent . So you really do get everything you pay for and is a great hosting service. Also the support live chat team are always open not like some When I needed urgent help and either chat was down or closed . Namecheap is great, I do know someone who used free hosting and it wasn't good had nothing but problems . But for me am not sure as have always paid for it.

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Free hosting is obliviously a good option for the beginners, instead of directly jumping into paid domains without any experience and without know the basics techniques of web hasting it would we a wise option for a beginner to start off with a free hosting so that one can gain some experience as to haw to successfully develop and manage a blog. So if you are a beginner, i suggest you to go for free hosting before you consider purchasing a paid domain.

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When I was new to the internet world, I used a subdomain. I also used free hosting. However, these days I am using my own domains and a paid hosting. I don't suggest anyone to use a subdomain or a free hosting. Many people say, as a newbie you should hone your blogging skills on a subdomain or free hosting. However, I oppose this idea. Can you learn how to drive a car by using a toy car first?

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For the free hosting and domain, I have use wealthy affiliate free sites , ucoz and jimdo etc.

However, no matter how many quality posts I have, it seems there are very few visitors, and they are mainly come from the backlinks . It is about 10 to 20 visitors a day, and cannot boost up anyway. Blogger is a bit better, but still not a good result.

I am wondering why these happen and whether the paid hosting services can solve this?

Thanks for any help!

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