How effective are hashtags?

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How effective are hashtags?

Hashtags were something that became more popular when Twitter opened, I remember people using them for the most craziest of reasons. Since Twitter has grown more popular now people tend to use hastags to gain more exposure which can sometimes work really well.

Facebook recently has also jumped in and started the usage of hashtags on their social media website, again some people use them for the most craziest of reasons but you do see people using them to help gain exposure.

My question is how affective are hashtags in social media? Have you used hashtags and found that they have worked well for you?


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Hashtags are one of the best ways of getting your product placed on the market with other products launched. They are a vital part of any social media conversations. Although they do not look different from the rest of the texts in the eyes of consumers (of course, have a # in front!) Are excellent elements to distinguish your products from the competition. By using a relevant hashtag, you have the power to be noticed by the right people at the right time.
honestly I can not tell how effective they are, because I do not use them, but I can say they have a great potential of increasing the traffic.

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Hashtags are so effective in terms of driving traffic in to something like your business or on your profile. It just serves a very important role in order to gain followers or audience, it is effective and at the same time free to use. I remember using it on Instagram to have more people gather and hope that they would see my picture or work.

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Hashtags have become a vital tool for increasing social media views and expanding your reach outside your network. They have become a way for users to search topics and follow conversations, and they function much like keyword phrases do on a website.

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To be honest, I am not using hashtags in social media. But I know that some people do a search on social media by using the hashtag. From what I understand, when you use a hashtag on your post, that can be included when someone searches for that specific hashtag. For example, you posted something with a hashtag of #poodle. When someone searches for #poodle then your post may be included in the search list. But that’s only for Facebook though.

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Sure hashtags are important but not some random-ass hashtag you invent. Brands have been embarrassed time and time again by their artificial, manipulative hashtags being trolled and turned against them. But if you can genuinely contribute to a trending hashtag that will bring you a lot of traffic. And if you make a hashtag for your brand or products but don't try to hype it or make it viral, people will use it to find your content if they want to.

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