Google Adwords update - Exact matched keywords are no longer a thing

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Google Adwords update - Exact matched keywords are no longer a thing

Google Adwords just got another update. After the 2014 update where Adwords restricted people from eliminating close variations of certain keywords, it now evolved into something completely different and now advertisers can't eliminate certain keywords variations altogether.
In other words, Google is putting a bunch similar keywords that basically mean the same thing into the same pot.

For instance, you now can no longer exact match a certain user's search, in the past, if I wanted my ad to appear only for "party dress lady" that was possible, but eliminating exact match keywords my ad can now appear for "lady dress party" (words reworded) or whatever else Google thinks may the same as my main keyword.

This can create a lot of problems for advertisers who aren't in full control anymore. Personally, I would like to configure my ads to the smallest detail so I can make sure the vast majority of people that do click on my ad are indeed potential clients and I won't waste money on people that may not be interested from the start in what I have to offer.

Google knows this very well but I think this moves just proves time and time again that Google doesn't actually care and all they want is more money from the advertisers.

Have you read about Google Adwords latest changes? What do you think about all this?


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Hmm didn't you already post about this before bud or am I just having a déjà vu moment? Anyway, is this only for those small-time Adwords spenders or for everyone regardless to their budget? Because last time it looked like Google was doing this to make people spend more on Adwords (since it's one of Google's biggest earners). And here we are once again, looking exactly like Google is only doing this, not so that it might actually make a positive difference to the people that spend money with them, but so that it would lead to people spending more money with them.

I don't know what to make of this one Cristian mate I really don't. I thought that Google's motto was "Don't be evil". I guess they should change it to "Don't be evil, unless you can get away with it looking like you're doing it for the benefit of the whole even though what it really means is that we make more money from the people that want to spend their money on promoting their legitimate businesses". What do you think? Should they change it to that? Lol. I just wish that they was more clear about why they're actually doing these things instead of hiding behind obscurity.

Only time will tell whether this will have a positive or a negative effect on them. If it's negative, they'll probably put it back to sort of how it was. But with more people set to get online, and more businesses than ever starting up than there was before, (and Google know this), then more people are going to be turning to Google Adwords (and Google know this).

Basically, they are going to win no matter what. And they kind of have my respect and admiration for that. Even if I don't really agree with what they're doing and how they're doing it. But that's more because I just can't understand it in full lol. Google Adwords update - Exact matched keywords are no longer a thing

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It looks like Google Adwords is innovating in its style of putting the paid advertisements on sites. I think that is pretty good because the adwords on the exact matched keywords would be limited while the scramble of words to get more hits will definitely broaden the scope of target. However for those with small budget and who wants to stay with the exact matched keywords will be having a problem with the new style of Adwords.

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