Anyone With NameCheap mention your experience

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Anyone With NameCheap mention your experience

I use to be on a few hosting websites some not had much luck with if it wasn't servers down it was bad support . Fasthosts I started with which turned out to be bad move so I changed to 123-reg which am still with for a few domains they do a hosting 1 year deals so no that bad apart from there support which they at times struggle to help you . For example one instance I needed help I opened the live chat support chatting to member of there staff and they didn't know what I was on about when mentioning Mysql database they said " Give us a moment while we refer to the manually".
Now am with Name cheap now this in my views and opinion that this is my favourite so far . The support is very good and fast. They also offer great services around hosting and domains with good domain market where you can buy and sell domains. If your looking for a great hosting then check there site out .


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Oh I've been with NameCheap for years and only have good things to say about them. I've never really had any bad experiences with them as a domain registrar but I've only ever used them to buy domains from and never used their hosting services or much else really. I did post something a little while back about their Site Booster Package but I didn't get it in the end as you have to keep the payments up or they remove all your listings that they create which seems wrong in my opinion! Although the pricing seems quite fair for the benefit it could bring and the time it would save you. And I remember a little while back they suddenly stopped selling the .xyz domains which was most irregular and very strange to say the least! But I've had some great domains from NameCheap and made a fair share from them too so I have them to be always grateful for and their support is very good as well I will give them that.

Any web host that needs to check the manual to a simple SQL problem probably shouldn't be trading as a web host! Anyone With NameCheap mention your experience

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One of my client is now using the namecheap. The dashboard is easy to check. But it is not easy to find options. Also changing DNS and other settings is not a good flow there. I find godaddy lot better in such case. You'd find that some of the features of the godaddy are good enough for my usage. I guess with enough good feature this can be a good option for those who are completely new. Godaddy does good job at this.

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I just signed up with Namecheap to purchase a domain name, and the experience has been all good so far. I particularly like it that auto-renewal of services is turned off by default. I haven't tried their web hosting services.

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I use namecheap for domains and I use their hosting and I don't have a problem with either service. The web service is top notch and I never have a problem with my website and if I do have a problem they fix it right away and on the first try. And for $39 a year you can't go wrong and that comes out to $0.11 a day. And I would highly recommend their service to anyone.

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I use Namecheap mainly for hosting now, but did have all my domains with them at one point. I only moved to NameSilo because they offered free 'whois' and the price is set at $8.99 for a .com per year. The only thing about using a shared server is that sometimes it can be slow, can be more vulnerable to attacks (especially WordPress), and they schedule maintenance of the servers every now and then.

The customer service is excellent and is usually within a couple of hours if that. They have always sorted out all my problems or queries and for that it's worth having a slightly slower server at times. They often do deals, so I got hosting for a year for a $1 from a Black Friday deal and also from a birthday offer.

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Their support is fine ( not the best, but acceptable due to their cheap price ). If you're looking for host to get started coupled with new domain, you can try them.

But don't expect the host will be lightning fast, after all it's cheap host ( but the performance is still acceptable ).

Here are more detailed of my own experience with NC , along with some screenshots, and reporting data from my own, based on how it works on the last year.

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