How can I boost my sales on SEOClerks?

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How can I boost my sales on SEOClerks?

Hello Everyone.

I want to boost my sales herein SEOClerks. How can I do it? You can check few of my services here.
My specialty is video/animation.

Please suggest some good ways if you know. Please share your ideas and experiences.

Thank You


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There are a lot of little things you can do to increase sales including regularly bumping services. Depending on how competitive your niche, you might only need to bump your services to get noticed. If you are in a highly popular niche, you will want to promote off-site via your own social media circles including friends, coworkers, business associates etc. Don't just limit yourself to online marketing. Send postcards or mailers to local businesses who might be interested in your logo work and send them to your SEOClerks link. You can have all that printed on your brochure or card.

Also, your services are very high end priced and for that reason, your description has to be more detailed to justify the price or cost to the customer. There is nothing wrong with a higher priced service or product, but the customer will want to know what makes your services so special over the cheap $1 and $5 logo service they can find in other parts of the site. For instance, on one of your services ?I will design a unique logo with unlimited revisions for $100 - you could expand the text description and include sample logo and images you have created either for yourself or previous clients. What is it about your logo or graphic/video services that is worth paying more for? If you answer that question well enough on your service page, it should result in more sales.

In the online world, a buyer is more likely to purchase from you if they trust you. To establish that trust bond up front (even before purchase), you need to make yourself seem personable and approachable. One way of doing this is by creating a video of yourself showing your art/design/logo samples and talking about your creative process. Even if you are super shy, you should make the effort to show your face on camera. In summary, people buy from people and that might seem like a no brainer, but it's a little fact missed by most sellers online.

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You can give a discount or create a limited sale. Doing this could increase your sales. Although the success would also depend on your chosen niche. Because some niche services are so saturated that the price has dropped so low.

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