Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?

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Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?

Some of my favorite blogs are those which are written from the heart, with disregard as to whether anyone is reading. These blogs are the truest sense of a diary and written by people who are talking just to talk. Even personal blogs where people are just talking about their home and family life and coping with everyday situations.

These are more like personal blogs but most times, they have useful information too that a person might like to read about. And, I always wonder if these bloggers care whether or not anyone is reading or are just writing to get it out there. I think they are sharing the information just to be helpful and not for a sense of being famous or earning money.

I want to be like that, to just write for the love of it and not being concerned if it's a popular topic or if the blog will rank in Google or whether or not it earns money.

Once, I had a forum like that. I never really earned good money from it, but that was my labor of love.

The reason that didn't work was because a forum depends on everyone in the community to participate and write; while a blog is dependent on that one person who owns the blog.

I want to be that person who is at the center of the blog and makes it run. I want a blog that is my labor of love; to write about something which I am so passionate about.

I still have this worry that if I write from my heart about something that is important to me, that no one will read it

Maybe it's the same for anyone who blogs.


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If I have quality content, than I will. Actually I do something like that.
Internet is a place where you can achieve extra ordinary things, but it takes time, especially if you are not planing to incest money in good advertising or hiring someone else to bring People to your website.
But with good content and persistence, there's gonna come a day when you see all the benefit of your work.

Of course you can work in vane too, but it's easy to check is your content good o not, because there are many People who would give you an advices on it.

Good content and persistance.

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No, because I don't enjoy writing to begin with. I've actually had personal blogs and websites where no one visited so I just stopped. I'd imagine for a person who enjoys it, they would continue on.

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I have always said that blogging is a good way to get things off your chest, a good way to rant and even let people know how you feel about things you are most passionate about. Whether or not someone is reading the things you post on your blog shouldn't be an issue as if it is making you feel better in yourself about venting in that way they why stop? I personally have been known to continue to blog regardless of whether anyone is reading or not because it makes me feel better about myself and having a way to share it believing that someone may be reading it or that what I say may be helping someone else somewhere who may be going through something similar to me.

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Well, a new blog isn't going to have many readers at first, and if what you're writing about isn't interesting to anyone, nobody will care to read it. The trick is, to blog about something that people are interested in. Even though at first, you might not have a lot of readers. But in time, you should pick up more and more readers, subscribers to your blog. And not just those that find you in the search engines. But those that see your posts on social media and follow you. Since every blog usually has a Facebook page or a Twitter or a Pinterest profile or something.

But at first, you might not have that many followers, readers, subscribers & followers. And it can take a long time, and a lot of writing, and a lot of post publishing and social media sharing before your blog starts getting picked up and ranked high in the search engines. Of course, you'll want to to SEO in the mean time, get links from other related blogs. Network with similar blogs in various ways. Share their circles and the like.

The point is, a good blog takes time. Time to nurture it. Time to make it blossom. Time to write those blog posts. Time to build links. Time to get ranked. Time to get readers, subscribers followers. But persistence defeats resistance! And if you're really passionate about your blog, and what you are blogging about, that will show through and people will see that and reward you for it by subscribing etc.

If you was to pour your heart and soul into a blog and after a year, not have any subscribers to it. Not have any followers to that blogs social media profiles and the like. Well then that would be very surprising and would mean you're blogging in a niche that isn't very big! Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?

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No. I feel that it is a waste of my time if no one were to read it. If no one was going to read it, why even have a website anyways? Why not just open up your laptop or jump on your desktop and then go to Microsoft Word and create your entries there? No one would read those either except for you, a spouse or a friend if they are nosy. I would probably like to place advertisements on the blog, to get that revenue, and if no one was reading then that means no monetization opportunities which will most likely result in a expired domain.

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Still blog even if nobody is reading? Of course! It's what I do best! Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?
Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?

On a serious note. For blogging endeavors, I think to myself "no readers" is not the same as "there will never be readers!" So I don't get discouraged and give up. I just keep on blogging! Would you still blog, even if no one was reading?

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I had literally zero readers for 1 year. Nobody visited my blog. But still I managed to post content on it. I think it does work out if you put on some backlinks and get some social media traffic. I am saying this from experience. Social media backlink from some page does work out in the end. I think reading blog may be not that easy and in such case blog posting and writing should be continued regardless of it.

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To be honest, yes and no. No, I wouldn't blog if I had didn't have readers. I would probably still write, however, it would be offline diaries I would never actually publish. Nevertheless, I enjoy the principles of writing and elaborating on topics. As well as personal experiences I find worth writing about. To have an audience that enjoys my articles and comments expressing their own opinions and thoughts is an added bonus to me.

Just like any career you love, money should come second. Devote yourself to producing quality, then start publishing that quality and wait for the response. If you get good interactions, try and expand on that from there. If you're writing and no one is reading your blog, that doesn't mean you should stop. Work on creating more appealing traffic for the audience, or enjoy the principles of solely expressing your thoughts on the internet for you only.

The point of blogging is not about people reading, it's about being able to express your thoughts into quality articles you approve from your own standard.

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My primary purpose of blogging is to communicate. I want the world to know my stories. However, if there were no readers I will stop blogging. Secondly, my another purpose of blogging is to make money. If there are no readers, I will never earn money. In that case, I will stop blogging.
I want an audience for my blog and I want to make money from my blogs.

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I don’t think it is a good idea to talk to the wall. The same thing, you are like talking to a wall when you write blogs that no one reads. To be honest, I would prefer that hundreds or thousands would read my blog and I don’t earn anything than a blog that is earning money for me but no one is reading. I write for expression of my passion and it is a waste if my writing will not be read.

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