How to keep your day job, build a blog, and make money online

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How to keep your day job, build a blog, and make money online

If you're looking to start making money online, I'm sure you've read "build a blog and monetize it" countless times because that's one of the easiest things to do that doesn't take many skills.  It's true, you can make a good amount of money through blogging and monetizing your pages, but there are other ways to do this that will bring in much more money, which is why I'm writing this discussion!

Blogging isn't tricky; in fact, it's quite easy; all you have to do is write content that people gravitate towards and make sure it's grammatically correct.  You can't copy and paste content, post spun content, or write up a short post and expect people to love it.  You will need to take your time on this, build a legitimate blog, and see where it can take you.

Think of your blog as a "Bonus."
When you're starting your blog, you need to think of it as an end of the year bonus, not a month to month bonus, because you'll be better off cashing out by selling it later on down the road after you've built something amazing.  Too many people start a website or blog and want to cash out after their first month, which is insane because you can get 2x your investment after a month or 100x your investment after a year if you did everything right.

Write 1-2 detailed articles a day
Content is king, and it's what the search engines love to see, so give it to them!  Plan on writing 1-2 articles a day, more on weekends, if you want to have the biggest payout later when you decide to cash in.  You will want to monetize your pages, so you have proof of income to convince buyers your pricing is a bargain when you sell, but that's obvious lol.

When you write the content, make sure it's written for the people reading it and not the search engines, because that's what the search engines are looking for.  They want to see your visitors engaging with the content, sharing it all over the place, and coming back for more each week.  Since you're writing 7+ articles a week, you will likely please everyone over time How to keep your day job, build a blog, and make money online

Optimize as you build everything
Don't go crazy in the beginning when you think "It has to be done immediately!" because you're not selling anytime soon if you are treating this as an end of year bonus.  Instead, optimize your pages as you build them and go back from time to time and tweak them.  Analyze everything you possibly can, make sure everything is working, and be merry that you have a job and a great looking blog!

365 days worth of blog content
Let's do some simple math here.  If you were to write 1 article a day, each article weighing in at an average of 1,500 words, that would be 547,500 words worth of content on your blog.  Do you think your pages would be pulling in traffic with that much optimized content? 

Now, if you followed my idea of writing more on the weekends and let's say you did an extra two articles on Saturday as well as Sunday, that would be an additional 6,000 words on the weekend. 

52 weeks x 2 additional days (Saturday/Sunday) = 104 days

104 days x 3,000 additional words per day = 312,000 words

547,500 words + 312,000 words = 859,500 total words

This would break down to 573 optimized articles on your blog that could be pulling in traffic each day.  If you were to average around ten visitors a month for each article, that's 5,730 organic clicks to your website.  This doesn't sound like much, but that's a low estimate since some of your articles could bring in 10,000+ people per month on their own and generate dozens of page views per person because they're intrigued by your website.  Let's say you average 250 organic visitors per month per article you write, that's 143,250 visitors per month generating many more pageviews.  Do you think you could sell a blog like that for a premium?  How to keep your day job, build a blog, and make money online

Know when to sell
One of the biggest things I see is when people sell too early, or they hold onto a blog and sell too late.  The problem of selling too late isn't really in your hands because Google likes to update their search algorithms all the time and we all suffer in the traffic department for a few months after those changes go into play.  Selling too early, on the other hand, is totally within your control and a lot of people will get less than what they could have if they just waited a few additional months.

I've seen some great blogs sell too early, and then the new owners add more content over the next few months and resel the entire site/blog for 3x what they paid.  After the blog was sold, the new owners did a massive content and blogging campaign to pull in more traffic, and then they flipped the site for much more profit.  If the original owners had done some extra work, waiting a little longer, they would have much more money in their pockets.  It's difficult to know when you're selling too early, so you'll have to use your gut, and back everything up with data.  If you're capping out your searches and your rankings are #1 and #2 for everything you target, it's probably time to sell.  If you're ranked in the middle of the page for all your search terms, it's not time to sell, and it's time to buckle down and keep working for a few months.

Final thoughts,
Blogging can be profitable if done right, which a lot of people know, but the majority of us who try don't have the determination to keep the content flowing.  You can always hire a writer, but they tend to be expensive if they're any good, so churning out hundreds of articles each year might drain you.  For those of you who do stick with it, publish hundreds of blog posts, and are looking to keep building your blog then there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Monetize your blog so you can make some cash along the way and sell to the highest bidder when you're capping out on your organic traffic.  Remember, this amazing blog is a side project and is to be seen as your end of year Bonus, so don't be scared to let it go lol.

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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