Google AMP Implementaton on Wordpress

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Google AMP Implementaton on Wordpress

Recently I started a new blog, with this occasion I decided it should be good for me to try something new.
I've implemented a couple of AMP versions for some of my clients, but always with the help of programmers. This blog is my own project so I don't have any programmers to help me along with the implementation.

So I did everything myself. Took around 2 hours to get everything just the way I wanted.
For Wordpress you will need just two essential plugins to implement Google AMP pages:

Add this:

Enable them both. Then make sure you go into the AMP plugin features and configure everything like a logo, analytics, design, SEO options or the menus you want to be shown in the AMP version.

Make sure you test everything and fix all the bugs before you fetch Google for indexing. Once everything is up and ready you are good to go, as far as I know you don't really need to do anything.

What do you think, have you ever installed AMP for Wordpress?


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I tried the plugin on WordPress. I think plugin is work in progress. As it didn't helped with the adsense monetization options. I am not even sure how to enable the ads properly. I am guessing that how the AMP is going work out for your site. I think we have to wait for few more months for this to work out so far.

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