Private Message marketing and promotion

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Private Message marketing and promotion

I have opened my service and bump everyday but in more than 1 month I only got 1 order to my service. I studied Private message marketing and promotion of service gives good result. Can I apply it in Seoclerks for my service promotion ? If I can then there might be some limitation, rules, terms and condition. Please suggest so I can be clear to do seoclerks service promotion by private message to seoclerks members.


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Do you want to message SEOclerks members offering your services?
First, of al that will get you nowhere, who will you message first? I mean, there is no database of buyers out there, only sellers. Sure, you can message people that review other seller's services but that is spam, and to tell you the truth nobody loves spam and unsolicited offers.

Second, you will get yourself banned, messaging random people will eventually get you flagged and if you continue on this route, will get you banned.

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I know to PM to people will be spam. So I was wonder if there is daily limitation for PM without getting flagged/banned.

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My advice is that in whatever you do, try not to make your clients feel uncomfortable for that is the first step in losing them. So, whether you take the path of private messaging or not is totally up to you.

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If you mean by private message marketing is to send a marketing spiel in my inbox then are on the wrong side of the fence, so to speak. I rarely open my inbox when I am in forums because most of the messages are about asking favors. I have gotten used to seeing such messages that I don’t care for my inbox anymore. There are forums where my inbox has more than 10 messages that are unread.

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