Are SEOclerk seller scammers or Fraud?

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Are SEOclerk seller scammers or Fraud?

At first, I am really sorry for the title. I didn't mean to hurt you. I bought many services from here except link building. I have a Digital Marketing Agency. I know the process of link building. When someone offers something huge for $5. It just made me laugh. That's not the point.

Let me tell the fact, a few days ago I build a link building strategy for my agency. I thought I can take some link building service from SEOclerk. But I don't go for the new gig. Why? I mentioned already. So I filtered to take some service: "Features","Guaranteed" and obviously who sold out around 1000+.

I don't want to mention their name now. But I will if the problem won't solve. By the way, I didn't buy any link building service, which is mentioned "Software". it means I carefully buy some services who really clarify that they are providing real link building service.

Now when they delivered: Just one word I feel which I wrote on the title. I don't have any idea really how 1000+ user provide a 5-star review on those gigs? As a Digital Marketer (around 10 years I am working in this field) I use those type of link building on a scam website. They provided software base link building, which software already I have. You can think that why you bought those service? - Again for your kind information, they clarify that they will work manually. I am not blind & newbie. Are SEOclerk seller scammers or Fraud?

So my question is to all if I buy any link building service from here, will I use for my authority site or a scam site?

If scam, then SEOclerk has to change their site title. if it's for all, then before featuring any gigs, SEOclark should be check their service.

My suggestion to SEOclerk: It's not about money all time. Sometimes you need to make sure the quality. I just everything writes here from my frustration. I am not afraid about my money, I am afraid now about the link. If I get any penalty, we have to survive. Because I can't change the brand name. And it's my big mistake take service from here. That's the frustration is working in my mind.

I am again sorry to everyone. I didn't come here to hurt you. I just come here sharing my worst experience.


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Hello & thank you for sharing your experience.
I've been a proud member, Forum Moderator, "Community Discussion Manager", tutor and coach & I've also been acting as a "Support pillar" to and for hundreds of unique individuals on SEOClerks ever since I joined back in June 2012. I have also finished at second and third place in two of the affiliate contests.

Let me tell you this.
I would never have put in this many hours if I for a split second thought that SEOClerks or any of the Ionicware inc. websites where fraudsters.

Jordan is a fantastic guy with good intentions. Money has never been a problem and it has never been "all about the money" for him. During these years, I have also worked for him and side by side with him for a long period of time.. So I know how great he is.

However, with all this being said..
With such a large marketplace, with hundreds of thousands of users, it's impossible to check each and every seller and/or service.. Which is a bit unfortunate, as some greedy and half-assed sellers pass the borders so to speak.

Luckily, for you, me and everyone else, SEOClerks have a terrific support, with splendid & talented people who'll go that extra mile for you, if you ever need assistance.

If and when (mostly due to people reporting services) they find a seller who's delivering poor quality or something like that, they take proper actions against these sellers. They pause their services, delete their services and/or give the sellers infractions.. And in worst scenario, they even ban specific sellers from the marketplace. Which makes it impossible for the sellers to ever come back and sell on this marketplace again.

And that's my experience. My final words and my feelings.

You will always be able to find a few rotten eggs, no matter how many times people take proper actions to check the eggs before they put them in the basket.. - The good thing is, that these rotten eggs are being minimized and thrown away when they're found.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for your suggestion. Appreciate that. I hope I don't make the mistake again to choose quality gigs. But little bit afraid about what actually they have done for my site. Are SEOclerk seller scammers or Fraud?

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Sorry about your frustration! We all have good and bad experiences and that's how we learn to make something better, on our mistakes...
Seoclerks freelancers are not scam! but you have to understand that some beginners trying to survive in huge market competition. Most of them think that providing cheaper service will make them survive, so they going low as $1 Are SEOclerk seller scammers or Fraud? for some services. Well... quality on these services simply can't be maintained in most cases...

This marketplace offer very good search filters. Beside number of sold services and positive feedbacks, you should look at the seller level, and even better to read some recommendations which is much smarter way to choose right person for your work. Expensive services also doesn't guaranty their quality, but they are most likely better quality...

Problem which you faced here is not only here, you would have same problem on any marketplace. I was member on many of them and i say this from my experience. If you use search filters smarter, and look for level X providers with solid amount of recommendations, you will be probably get better and more affordable service then anywhere else.

Wish you more luck in future...

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I am a digital marketer and I actually bought some real link building services here on SEOclerrks for 5 bucks. Sure, I agree that a lot of them are pure crap, but some are actually quite decent and even if I know there are all automated and don't hold too much authority I still believe they can make a difference when combined with real link building methods.

Make sure you read the description of the service properly before you buy anything. Big users with a lot of orders won't gonna lie about what they are going to offer.

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You did well in sharing your experience here as this is what a community is all about. You were very polite even though you are feeling frustrated, unlike what some people end up being actually, so well done for that. Sadly there are many honest sellers here and from time to time you find others who are not honest at all. I suggest to review the reputation of that seller prior to ordering. Check the ratings he got, how long he has been a member, how many recommendations he has.

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Myself, I would be interested in buying traffic. However, as someone above noted, I should look to see the reputation of the seller and the number of buyers. However, though, is it possible for buyers to game the ratings by getting fake buyers and reviews? I mean, you can just get a bunch of guys and easily do such a scheme.

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