How to find affiliates for my service?

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How to find affiliates for my service?

I provide webhosting service and I need some affiliates who can promote it. How should I go about it?


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Hi Pix! That's a good question. For on here, you can create a WTB (Want To Buy) request and then people can bid on it according to your instructions. Then when they get you the affiliates, you then pay them for it. Or, you could request someone to do some affiliate promotion for you and agree to x amount of social media promotion or perhaps some solo ads or banner advertising or something.

That could be several good ways of going about it for promoting and webhosting services and gaining affiliates/clients for it. It's something I've considered before myself as I have a great host and I'm sure my referrals would go on to be long standing clients with them.

So you can do either one or all of those things.

Hope this helps! How to find affiliates for my service?


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I would suggest purchasing multiple services on seoclerks. This way you can harness the power of the many skills and disciplines that the members have. Your potential customer reach will increase with this method. Also, take a look at what is the average time a customer stays with your hosting company and how much you earn during this time period. You can use this number to help you set your advertising spend. Understanding these calculation is one of many ways to figure out what the cost is to acquire a new customer while staying profitable. Additionally, with your actual marketing it will be important to track what is working and what is not to ensure that you are reaching the correct demographic market and not spending on things that don't produce sales. Adjust marketing as needed and don't get stuck on any one method to promote because "you don't know, what you don't know!"

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Very ambitious plan congratulations. The first thing I would do is find a tracking software because the only way you will get your product sold is if you pay your affiliates. Once this is sorted you can join one or more of the affiliate networks. You can also advertise for affiliates on various forums like digital point and warrior forums. They have a section that you can advertise your products and get people to sign up as affiliates.

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