How to get great guest post backlinks?

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How to get great guest post backlinks?

This will be my last question for today about backlinking!

I have been checking out services for guest posts and I get the feeling that the majority of these are guest posts on websites set up purely for the purpose of guest posting. A lot of them offer to write the guest post for you which is what I would want because quite frankly I don't even have enough time to write for my own websites as it is.... but it seems so many of these posts may be either spun content or content written by someone that doesn't write for an audience and seo, but only for seo... if you know what I mean?

Does this matter or should I just go ahead with it because it is a great link?


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Well Lynne. You have to ask yourself, do I want that for my site? Sure if the link is from an authority site from a site in the same niche as yours. Then in the grand scheme of things where Google rankings are concerned, that would probably still be having. Even if the article itself is a copied and then spun article that doesn't make much sense and has a lot of mistakes in it so it's obviously spun content. Well if it flies with Google and it doesn't look at it like that then that's all good and fair enough.

But from a people perspective, if you want people to actually see that post as well and then click through to your site. You will want them to respect your site before they even arrive on it and they probably wont even do that if they come across an article that's clearly been machine spun automatically and not even a good job of it done.

So yeah, even if it's a crap article, if it's a link from a site in the same niche as yours and or its a high authority site, and the link is a do follow contextual link that looks organically placed then that can help you from a G ranking perspective. But from a people perspective, would you want a potential client or reader to think that you engage in cheap black hat practices (even though most people don't even know what black hat means). Or that you want people to think that your site/blogs writers, marketing department all talk really funny like they're all drunk monkeys? lol How to get great guest post backlinks?

That's the sort of thing you need to ask when it comes to building GREAT guest posts. How to get great guest post backlinks?

If possible, see if you can provide your own article (takes longer but worth doing).

Or even see if you can pay more for a unique article to be used.

You could write one big article yourself, say 1000+ words. And then manually super spin it by hand. Sentences, phrases and words at a time. That would create a truly unique article and spinning by hand means that it will still make sense and read properly no matter how many times you use it.

Doing that saves a lot of time when you need an article for guest posting as you can just use that. How to get great guest post backlinks?

Hope this helps.


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Thanks so much Mike, that is exactly the dilemma that I am faced with. I want to be taken seriously as a blogger so to have any spun articles flying around with my name on them would be appalling.

Now I just need to find a good guest posting service. I have asked for the website links for some services and the websites may be high DA but they are just filled with rubbish. How do websites filled with shit like that rank so well anyway? Shocking really.

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I think this could be the solution for your queries

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For guest posting which means you need content for your website my take on such need is to hire a freelancer for the chore. Check the sample articles of the freelancer and see if it will do for your purpose. It’s not a good idea to use software for spinning articles because an article written by a human is more reliable when it comes to originality. Hiring a writer can give you continuity and uniformity in the contents that he will be writing.

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Hi Lynne I think you should try this service

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