Unlimited Website Traffic! - A misnomer.

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Unlimited Website Traffic! - A misnomer.

Unlimited Website Traffic! - A misnomer.

Hey guys,
I just want to share something with you..

Some "fun" facts:
Most traffic providers (including myself when I sold traffic services), often use the word "unlimited", in the title or in the description. Sometimes in both. Several times.

Obviously, people are using the word "unlimited", due to the impact of the word. It sounds awesome, amazing and powerful. Right?

It sure does!

The "fun part" of this.. Is revealed below.

There are only a certain amount of people looking for a specific thing, at a specific time.

That's basically, X amount of people looking for X, at one time.

So, if you have a website about how you make money on SEOClerks for instance.. There will be X amount of people looking for that information.. Right? - And these people does not need to choose your information. They could go with other sources instead, with ease.

Long story short, there's no such thing as "unlimited traffic".

Best Regards,


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Well I though the unlimited is only unlimited if you keep buying it. And since you can keep buying it, it means you can get an unlimited amount of it. Of course, each time you buy it, it only lasts for so long, or there is only a certain amount of it allocated to you and spread out over a certain amount of time. But after that's completed, you can then buy it again, so it's unlimited from that perspective and that kind of goes without saying. I mean to say, it's not unlimited in that you buy it once and it lasts forever. Even if you purchased for 1 year, it would eventually stop after a years time. But after that again, you would be able to buy it again and get the traffic coming in again. So only from that perspective it's unlimited. In that the seller can provide it in unlimited amounts. But you would have to keep buying it but the seller can keep providing it so it's unlimited, provided you keep buying it Unlimited Website Traffic! - A misnomer.

That's my take on it anyway. Unlimited Website Traffic! - A misnomer.

Cheers Andre!

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there is no Unlimited process in world !! there is limit behind it !! but here you are right that mostly services have unlimited traffic word used so if you buy from someone ask them to give a limit Or try ones that unlimited traffic !!

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Yes I noticed that and thought that promising unlimited traffic was a bit of a strange way to put it. Of course it sounds way cool but when you think about it then it really doesn't specify an amount and how can traffic be unlimited. How is the infinite?

Anyway I am not so keen to buy traffic anyway since I don't really see the point in it!

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May I expound a bit on the word unlimited that is now abbreviated to unli over here. It is mostly used to project something big and inexhaustible. Cellphone loads mostly have the unli packages for the day which means you can text all you want and you can call all you want and yet you don’t incur any charges anymore. There’s also the unli rice here where you order one dish and eat all the rice that you can. Truly, the word unlimited can be used in gaining advantage when marketing a product or service.

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