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Helpline - Support - Tutor - Coaching - Is it possible?

Helpline - Support - Tutor - Coaching - Is it possible?

Fellow Freelancers..
I have a problem.. Well, not a problem, but a "dilemma" kind of.

In one of my previous CD's, I wrote this:

And you obviously wonder why I would do something stupid like that, right? - My answer is, because I am that kind of person. - Money is and always will be important, but money is not the main reason I freelance. - I have always had thoughts of helping others and that's what I've been doing during my years online. I want to help others reach their own success. - That's why I did this.

And here's the thing..

I love to help people. I always have and always will. - Money is important, especially as a self-employed freelancer, but to help others.. That's super important to me.

That being said, I've always been interested in some sort of coaching/tutoring. I want to help where I can. I want to give advice and input where it fits. I want to play a major role in people's lives. - I want to coach others.

That being said, I've done it in the past, on a few occasions, but I have never offered these sort of services. Clients of mine have asked me for help, and more help than I offered, so we've made "custom deals" so to speak.. - And the best part is, that doing that has helped both me and them.

The question I have is.. - How would I be able to do something like this?

How can I, a humble "nobody" offer some sort of coaching, and how would you do it?

Best Regards,


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You know what Andre, I have had a lot of people asking me for help too and I would love to offer coaching and tutorials if time allowed it, which right now it just doesn't.

One of the things I looked at was creating a course on Udemy which I really like the look of. Anyway I am sure there are loads of ways to go about this.Obviously if you are offering individual coaching lessons you would have to charge quite a bit because time is money right? But if you created courses it would be so much easier to accommodate for a lot of people and then if anyone has any further questions they can get in contact with you for clarification?

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