How do you pitch to big companies?

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How do you pitch to big companies?

In the last couple of months, I got some really good ideas, I do a lot of research on a lot of different things, this gave me a lot of insides about stuff that might become successful in the future.

Thing is, there is nobody doing it at the moment but like with other ideas I had in the past eventually somebody stepped out, saw the same opportunity and made a lot of cash out of it.

At the moment I have three main ideas with 0 competitors around. I'm pretty sure these will take off on their own in the next couple of months if I'm not acting fast.

I would want to gather all the data and information into one big marketing strategy and pitch to big companies. Anyone here has any experience in the kind of thing? How do I make sure they don't steal my idea once I email them?


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Does your projects require a lot of funding? I think this will be a bit difficult unless you have connections. If you just contact large companies, chances are they won't reply. You can try to participate in some sort of Dragon's Den competitions if you think your ideas are very good. If your project doesn't require much funding, then I recommend that you fund the project yourself and then sell it off to larger companies once it gets big.

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Well, it does needs a lot of money to get everything started. This is why I need to contact very big companies that have the money for such experiments, it may be a big sum of capital for me but for the big guys, I'm sure it won't mean nothing and the potential cash back could be huge.

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I think big companies want to know if your business needs money and at what part. If your business already is not successful then they are not going to pitch you. And this mean big companies are going to have some issues pitching it to many people. You also need to show them how working with their company is going to help them and yourself. So you have to be pretty clear on such points. You need to understand business this way.

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I always try to find out what the big company is not actually doing in the industry and by that way, try to bring the gap with the sort of services that I provide. That has been a way that I have gotten some of the clients that I have now.

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I have never pitched to any big companies. As a freelancer, I should know how to pitch and get the contract, however, I have not tried this for the fear of getting a rejection. If I pitch to a moderate company, I am likely to get accepted because they do not have big budgets and cannot afford to pay to the best. They will choose someone with good skills because that cannot pay to an individual with the best skill.

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I have associations in the movie industry and my writer friends always tell me that once you make a pitch to a movie producer that means you are giving them your idea of the story. There are movie producers who will reject your story and later on would get a writer to rehash your story. There’s one popular writer who said that a popular producer did that to him so he threatened to sue. Eventually the producer paid him for the rights of the original story that was rehashed by another writer.

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