50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+

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50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+

50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+
I was thinking about the world of freelancing and outsourcing and it made me ask myself, just what can you outsource to a freelancer or virtual assistant today? And how many things actually are there you can outsource? I started thinking of some things off the top of my head, but then I started writing some of them down since I've got a memory like a, wait, what we talking about? You get the idea! 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+

So here's 50 things you can outsource to a freelancer or virtual assistant today. That means instead of you doing something for yourself or for someone else, you get/hire/pay someone else to do it for you, for you or for them.

And who knows, you might even think of a new service you can provide from this! 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+

1. Inbox Detox
This is basically where you pay someone to go through your email inbox and clear it out by deleting junky emails and keeping only important stuff.

2. Importing Databases
If you're not an expert in importing databases such as a WordPress MYSQL database, well you can hire a freelancer to do that for you.

3. Creating Reports
This is something you can do outsource given the right instructions on how to go about it such as what kind of reports need to be created on what and how.

4. Transcribing Audios
This is where you get someone to write out something that is being said such as in an audio report or a podcast from spoken verbal format into written format.

5. Creating Forms
Forms can be long and winding to create, but you can outsource form creation to someone provided you tell them everything that needs to be on it.

6. Preparing Meeting Minutes
Minutes are essentially notes taken down of a meeting or hearing and they describe what took place, what was said, who attended things like that.

7. Preparing Presentations
Getting someone else to prepare your presentations for you can save you time so you're more free to do other important stuff before the presentation takes place.

8. Travel Planning
If you need to go some where and then go somewhere else from there and so on, you can hire someone to work out the best journey to take, what planes, trains to catch from where and when etc.

9. SEO
Of course! SEO can be outsourced. That's where you get someone else to do the SEO you need to do on your site to make it rank better in the Search Engines today. Hello SEOClerks!

10. Formatting Blogs
This sort of falls under on-page SEO where you get someone to format your blog by proofreading it, correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, punctuation, font type/size etc.

11. Formatting E-books
This is very similar, it's where you get someone to proofread your eBook so that it's grammatically correct and uses the correct punctuation, font type/size etc.

12. Diary Management
Finding it hard to schedule appointments and keep meetings and dates? You can outsource that. You wont even have to give them your diary. Although you might.

13. Moderating Blogs
Sometimes blogs can just get weighed down with spam comments, submissions and clutter. You can hire someone to manage and handle all that and give it a bit of a spring clean.

14. Research
Want to start a blog on the latest trending thing? Or just want to know about it so you can blog about it yourself? You can outsource your research so you don't have to.

15. Organizing Dropbox
DropBox is a beast of a tool used by many for personal and business reasons. But sometimes it can get full up with files you no longer need to host. You can hire someone to organize your DropBox.

16. Data Entry
Ah data entry, that almost mind numbing and monotonous thing you have to do that is boring and repetitive and makes you want to pull your hair out and chew up your keyboard. Don't do it yourself - outsource it!

17. Creating Spreadsheets
Creating spreadsheets can be quite a long process, especially if you don't have the skills and experience to do it yourself. Just hire a freelancer or virtual assistant to do it for you.

18. Checking Voicemail
Voicemail messages can be important and sentimental. But some voicemail inboxes can get full up with old voicemails that need deleting. Don't have the time to do that yourself? Hire someone to do it for you!

19. Project Management
Got an ideal for a project but want to work more on the launching side of it? Every project needs managing and it's something that you can outsource to a virtual assistant or freelancer who's skilled in it.

20. Sending Client Invoices
If you're a freelancer yourself, you may send quotes to clients and then have to invoice them which can take up quite a lot of time overall. No biggy, you can outsource invoice creation and sending.

21. Credit Control
Whoa your horses and get a grip on your spendings by outsourcing credit control to a virtual assistant who can check that your outgoings match what is incoming and vice-a-versa.

22. Receptionist Duties
While you're working, can you also take calls and reply to emails and manage you site at the same time? Not unless you've got 3 pairs of arms you can't. A virtual assistant can be hired for all your reception duties.

23. Uploading To Youtube
If you're doing YouTube marketing and uploading a lot of videos to YouTube, you can get someone to do that for you and even get them to SEO it and write the description for it, add tags, set annotations etc etc.

24. Scheduling Tweets
Of course you can use tools like HootSuite to schedule tweets, and those tools are basically virtual assistants in their own right. But remember, you can also hire someone to do this for you too.

25. Moderating FB Comments
Some FB fanpages, communities and groups can end up with posts that get millions of comments. Where a lot of them are just spam and shameless plugings of sites. This falls under social media management but it can be devoted to moderating comments only.

26. Newsletter Creation
Want to maintain a good newsletter campaign? Whether printed or by email, you can outsource newsletter and even email marketing campaings where they'll write the killer emails or flyers for you that you will be sending.

27. Newsletter Sending
Of course, once you've got your newsletter creation sorted, you can also hire a VA to send them for you as well.

28. Press Release Writing
If you need to get the news out there about your new business, product or service, and pick up some nice links along the way, press releases can do that for you but you can always hire a VA to research and write them for you too.

29. Press Release Distribution
Once the press release is written, you can hire a VA or freelancer to submit them for you as well. You can find some great press release submission services on SEOClerks for some nice reasonable prices which is cool.

30. Set Up a Podcast
Podcasts can be excellent motivators! Nothing inspires people better than written words than peoples voices do. You can hire a VA to make podcasts for your site so they do all the talking and you do all the banking!

31. Updating Your Website
This could be anything you have to do on your site that you don't want to do yourself like updating plugins, removing spam, replying to comments, even adding content, proofreading it etc etc.

32. Editing Audio Files
Podcasts and audio files can have mistakes in them. These can be "bloopers" and "brain farts". Well you can hire someone to take them out for you so that the audio file sounds much more professional.

33. Proofreading
Just write a killer article or articles or eBook or something or purchased them from somewhere and want them checked to make sure they are grammatically correct and have no spelling mistakes in them. Well then hire a proofreader.

34. Setting Up FB Ads
If you have no experience in setting up FB ads then you can hire someone to do that for you. They can set them up and some might even monitor them for you. Although this would fall under the advertising manager role.

35. Monitoring FB Ads
Even if you do set up your own FB ads, you might not have the time to monitor all of them and check how well they're performing or not. So you can hire someone to do that part for you as well after you have created them.

36. Creating Autoresponders
Auto responders help and make you look professional and thoughtful about the one emailing you. But if you have no experience in it, you can hire someone who does to create the perfect auto responder for you.

37. Scheduling Autoresponders
And again, like creating an autoresponder, you can get someone to schedule them for you as well.

38. Creating Canva Images
Canva is a powerful tool for people with no or little image creation and design skills. For those with an imagination it is awesome. But it's something you can outsource to a VA or freelancer to do also.

39. Basic Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping can be a boring and monotonous task and consume a fair bit of time. But it's something else that you can give to a freelancer or VA to do for you too.

40. Spreadsheet Formulae
Got no spreadsheet formulae creation skills? No worries, just find someone that has, and pay them to do it for you.

41. Reminder Services
You know how sometimes you must remember something important, or even remind someone or some entity of something important and can't forget? Pay someone to remember and do it for you.

42. Customer Service Emails
This would more be given to your employees to do but you can run a full business on just VA's and freelancers alone. If you don't want to handle customer emails yourself that is.

43. Sending Greetings Cards / Flyers Etc
Any business that sends greetings cards and flyers around is a business that is going to build awareness and attention. Sending greetings cards and flyers can be outsourced.

44. Managing Events
An event manager will literally arrange and handle an eventful date for you. Whether it's buying the canopy or gazebo to hiring a band and arranging times etc etc.

45. Writing Articles
This is similar to 28. Press Release Writing but obviously you are hiring someone to write articles for you for another purpose such as your blogs posts and to use on Web 2's etc

46. Forum Posting
Where you would hire someone to post to forums for you. You can find some great forum posting services on SEOClerks and they'll post your message/links to related forums for you.

47. Logo Banner Creation
If you don't have the time to learn the skills required to great a logo or banner for your site, it's something else you can outsource to a VA / freelancer.

48. SMM
Obviously SMM! If you don't want to do it yourself, learn it and do it and or don't have the time to. You can buy SMM services on here from VA's and freelancers who will do it for you.

49. SMO
And of course SMO (Social Media Optimization) the art of posting on social media and doing other things that get you more popular and drives traffic back to your site. It can be purchased (outsourced) on SEOClerks. 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+

50. Ask Me! You Might Be Surprised! 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+
And just in case anyone wondered - I'm available to be hired for all of these jobs! 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+ But if you need anything like this doing, and you can't find someone from the SEOClerks Freelancers list or from a WTB, just drop me a message and enquiry and I'll let you know if I can do it and what my rates are.

So that's 50 things you can outsource to a freelancer or virtual assistant.

What other things are there you can outsource these days?

Surprise me! 50 Things You Can Outsource To A Freelancer or Virtual Assistant Today in 2017+


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Great Lists Mike.... Thanks for the compilation....
Thumb up Mike

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Do you have proposal for Moderating Blogs ??
Very good idea, managing personal blog or website can be very tedious... But outsourcing it out will save time.
Like how much should someone charge for this service?
Kindly give more details...

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That's very in depth list you have made. This list can be used by both sellers and the VA. I have worked with the above skills some of the time. So I have experience with code, graphics and writing part. I think anyone who wants to be VA should take a look at the list above. That way they can surely make use of the skills that are in demand.

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Thanks for taking out time to outline this, never knew about some of these offers.I think this the perks one get to enjoy from get added knowledge along with the earnings.

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Thanks for the great list, my skills are more country specific, so end up in the masses with no skills when it comes to the jobs available. I am always looking for ways to earn additional income so do appreciate your post.

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I don’t need a virtual assistant right now but I’m sure in the years to come when I will be loaded with online work, I would be needing one or two. The list you made gave me an idea of what I will be doing when I go full time in my freelancing and for sure, I wouldn’t be able to handle all the work hence I would be needing hands to help me especially with the dirty work. One item that I see is traveling because I travel a lot and getting a cheap ticket is a painstaking process that maybe I can delegate to my assistant.

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Wow, great list, I think it's the best list of things that can be outsourced for Freelancers I've ever seen before. What's good about this list is I can include some of it to my online resume and profile.

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