How To Sell Photos Without Offering Customized Photos?

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How To Sell Photos Without Offering Customized Photos?

Hello Freelancers,
I have always liked to take photos of cool or fun things.. And I've been doing that for personal use. However, a friend of mine are superb at taking photos and I would love to help this person to make money, if it's possible.

However, I can totally understand that something like this would be nearly impossible to do if you don't provide customized photos, but I would love to hear some thoughts about it.

Do you think it's possible and where would you begin?

The thing is, that this person have a good eye for photos and I'm stunned each time I see a new one, and the objects are totally random. A photo of an old tree, a superb photo of some sand in a glass or whatever. It can be literally anything and the photos are awesome. - So, what to do?

Best Regards,


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Three basic things you will need to consider when looking at how to market images online:

1. What exactly are the best type of photographs to take?
2. Where must i sell the photographs that I've just considered? and;
3. What may i do to ensure that my photographs establish popular to purchasers.

1. When asking the relevant questions as to what are the best sort of photographs to take, you must have a mentality of "think commerce". A lot of people that are buying photographs online are doing this because they would like to improve the "saleability" of the websites. The old adage of "an image is worth one thousand words" is really as true in the digital get older as it ever before was before.

Knowing that, there are specific categories on stock photography sites that are incredibly popular with potential buyers; those being: photographs of electronics, photographs of entrepreneurs and women, photos of money and other photographs that may be beneficial to their website or business. Well taken nature shots are extremely popular online sellers also.

You will see that any image - no matter category - with an factor of real "uniqueness" may possibly also end up being a favorite online seller, especially if it's a go of someone in the general public eye.

2. In conditions of where you can go to market your photographs online, the essential rule here's to learn where your possible clients go to buy their current photographs and make your self noticeable there. Your alternatives are (a) to market your photographs yourself using software designed designed for the duty or by creating your own custom site and html page to safeguard your images; (b) to market your photographs on eBay or other public sale sites or; (c) sell those to online stock picture taking sites where you receives a commission some of the deal each and every time your image is downloaded., IStockPhoto and are popular types of such sites (though there are extensive, a lot more). The fact that a photography taken once can then be downloaded by buyers over and over again, makes this an extremely popular avenue for offering your photographs online.

3. To make sure that your images confirm popular to possible buyers you'll need to incorporate two of the elements that we've already discussed. You will need to take photographs in categories that we know to be popular with buyers already, yet you will have to make your image stick out from the load up. How will you do this? You provide some kind of twist with an already founded theme. Go directly to the stock photography sites which i mentioned in the last section and do some research in the favorite categories: electronics, pictures of women and businessmen, pictures of money. Check out what's there and decide how you will come up with different things. When you have any Photoshop skills, then you truly have a robust tool to include an aspect of uniqueness to your photographs.

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Great stuff Abid! Props and +1. Very insightful thanks!

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Don't forget to add all your photos to Blockai to register them to the block chain so you can always prove they are yours should you ever need to. How To Sell Photos Without Offering Customized Photos?

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