Google just released a Chromebook that works with Android Apps

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Google just released a Chromebook that works with Android Apps

I've been contemplating to buy a Chromebook for a while now, I like the fact that it has a really big autonomy and the price is very cheap compared with laptops. A Chromebook might be perfect for my needs, in essence, all I need is the browser, but if certain Android apps can be installed that would be a huge bonus.

Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus will be the first Chromebooks to have available apps from the Android apps store, they are currently working together with Google to implement all this. Pre-orders might start from February and apparently the starting price will be 450 US dollars.

The price is a little be too much for my taste, I understand this will be some new technology and these Samsung Chromebooks will also have a pen and other nice features but I still think I can buy a better laptop at that price.

Ethier way, I'm sure these will evolve throughout 2017 and other manufacturers will implement the same features and cheaper versions of the Chromebook will be released. If the same autonomy will be present I'm pretty sure I'll get myself a Chromebook this year.


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Recently, I was gifted a new laptop however I if I was currently in the market to purchase a new laptop it probably would be a chromebook. I keep hearing good things about chromebook especially with the prices. Chromebooks seem to operate pretty good. And just a regular chromebook doesn't cost that much money as some other brands do.

I almost bought a chromebook for about $299 USD then later stopped the checkout process because I saw a cheap toshiba on sale. Let's just say I wished I kept the chromebook in my shopping cart. The toshiba only lasted me a year, chromebooks seem to last a good couple of years.

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Google chrome apps and the Android apps are being merged. And that convergence seems to be happening. I won't be surprised to see the chrome apps being released into the project in near future. So you can see that Android apps in such case it'd be reasonable to understand how that works out for many. I have not much considered for the purchase of the chrome. So that's something one can check out if you're serious about the core of the chrome OS. It seems to be replaced by new Google OS which is in the works. So that's another thing to consider as well.

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