10 Ways to Use Pinterest For Business Purposes Tutorial

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10 Ways to Use Pinterest For Business Purposes

Are you trying to break into and benefit from the powerhouse that is Pinterest? Finding it hard going although fun but not getting much success from your work? To help with that, here's 10 Ways to Use Pinterest For Business Purposes.

10 Ways to Use Pinterest For Business Purposes

1. Plan a Pin Strategy
What are you trying to do exactly? Just drive traffic to your business site or blog? Just boost up your online and social media presence? Increase product sales? Be strategic in the types of images that you pin and only pin images and offers that will appeal to the people that are your targeted audience!

2. Pin With Percentages
You don't want to create boards and pin the same stuff to them. Try to mix it up by pinning 40% of motivational and inspiring pins, 40% instructional and educational pins. And 20% pins about your brand such as business profiles, product images, company photos, special offers and contests etc.

3. Be Pin Friendly
To increase the amount of pins your site gets on Pinterest, be sure to install the Pin It Button on your site. The one that shows when you hover over images is best. And be sure to place the follow me on Pinterest button on every page on your site including your homepage.

4. Pin/Repin Other Peoples Pins
Pinterest isn't just about pinning your stuff with links to your site only. It's about pinning/repinning the things you like, even if that's your competitors pins. By pinning/repinning other peoples stuff, you'll not only be increasing the chances of them reciprocating and pinning your stuff, but you'll be building up your brand by actively engaging with the community. Remember, you can also common on and like pins too you don't have to repin them. And you can @ tag a pinner that you're following in your pin descriptions.

5. Show Off Your Expertise
When pinning images to your boards, use keyword friendly descriptions for them and make use of #hashtags to highlight important words you want to be found for. This will not only boost your rankings in Google, but help your pins get found by people in your niche that are searching for the words you're using in the descriptions of them. Using long tail keywords in pin descriptions works really well as Pinterest is naturally ranked high by Google.

6. Facebook Promote
Not many people know this, but you can create a Pinterest tab on your business or company's Facebook page by connecting it to Pinterest. That way all the pins you create for the board you choose will show up on that tab. And you can also tweet your pins too and share them on other social media sites and even embed them into your blog posts which can work well for increasing engagement.

7. Pin Placement Matters
If possible, try to place the pins that are most important to you near the middle of the top or 2nd row of the board. This isn't always possible if you pin to that board a lot as they get buried under new pins. But research shows that pins that are placed front and center get a lot more views/repins and engagement over pins that are placed near the bottom of boards.

8. Give Away Free Stuff
Use Pinterest to pin things like freebies, free eBooks, podcasts, white papers etc etc using a nice description and a Call-To-Action in them. It's well known that pins that use a Call-To-Action in them get a whopping 80% increase in the amount of engagement they get other standard pins that don't use CTA's in them.

9. Go Multimedia
You can make your boards and pins in those boards more interactive by pinning things like videos and screen casts or even podcasts etc. Multimedia pins are things like tutorials and product demos, behind the scenes stuff like tours and excerpt from presentations and webinars.

10. Use Pinterest Analytics
Using Pinterest Analytics you can see which of these pinning strategies and efforts are paying off or not. All you have to do to get access to Pinterest Analytics is to verify your website and from there on, you'll be able to access them and see which pins or boards are doing the best and which pins and boards you need to focus on to make all of this pay off!

And that my friends, is 10 ways to use Pinterest for business purposes/reasons. Although some people like to use Pinterest for personal reasons. These tips will help both and all types of Pinterest users (but mainly businesses) get more out of what they put into Pinterest!

Are you using Pinterest and using these methods yourself?

What other methods of using Pinterest for business reasons do you know of?


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That's a really well documented strategy. I was looking for long time informations like you offered in this tutorial. Great job!

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I have Pinterest account. Two years ago, I was very active on Pinterest, however, these days I don't even check pinterest. I am already in so many social media sites that it is really hard to remain active on all of these social media sites.
One of the ways to boost engagement on your pin is by using made for pinterest images. When you are pinning, you should optimize your images for pinterest.
Secondly, you also need to cross your pins on other social media sites, for example, when you pin, share your pin on facebook as well as twitter.

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I still have to check on Pinterest to see what it’s got for me. But from the outset, my understanding is the marketing that you can do on it. And in any marketing endeavor, you need to have a good strategy for a greater probability to succeed. But I wonder what kind of images would one need to drive traffic to the site. And maybe if people will see your expertise clearly then you can get more traffic with their positive reactions to your pins.

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