Best Plug into Protect my Website against Attacks?

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Best Plug into Protect my Website against Attacks?

I've been reading up about plugins that can protect my website against attacks and apparently these plugins can also help reduce spam comments, spam registrations and unwanted bot traffic.

I am just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with any plugin that offers these features?

I am also just concerned about bots being blocked because I am sure I read in one of the discussions here that it can be risky to block bot traffic since Google crawlers are bots so you could actually be blocking Google from crawling your website which would not be a great move to make.

Anyway I don't have much knowledge or experience with these things but I would love to get some feedback on this topic because I think I would be interested in making use of a plugin in like this.

Of course free is always great, but I guess you get what you pay for too, so let me know!


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I use wordfence defense. This plugin gives information about traffic. You can see where the visitor came from and what ip he is using and what he did on your website. You can block the ip if the visitor tries to access non existant page or it is a bot.
Wordfense also notifies you about unauthorized login. YOu can block the IP if you want.

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