Meta Slider Plugin Review for Wordpress

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Meta Slider Plugin Review for Wordpress

This meta slider plugin review for wordpress is long overdue by myself. I absolutely love the meta slider plugin because of all the stuff it helps me out with. I don't need to code/program anything or pay someone to do it because this plugin does everything for me. All I have to do is configure it, add my text, add my images and I'm ready to go Meta Slider Plugin Review for Wordpress

Large sliders are showing up more and more for big websites and it's a trend that is being seen all over the place. People use the meta slider plugin to get information across their pages right away without the user having to scroll, which is a great marketing tool. You always want to get your selling content above the fold, which is what people see when the get to your website and don't scroll down. Getting multiple slides in front of people without them having to do anything will increase your readers, sales and subscribers in the long run.

When setting up your slides you just have to add your basic information and then choose from a Flex Slider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides & Coin Slider as a type of template to show users. I tend to go with the responsive slides because of the Google update that gives priority to responsive websites in their search results. You always want to be responsive, so make your slides responsive as well Meta Slider Plugin Review for Wordpress

You can upgrade your free plugin to the Meta Slider Pro version and get support for the following features.

  • YouTube & Vimeo slides
  • HTML sliders
  • Layer sliders with CSS3 animations & HTML5 Video backgrounds
  • Dynamic Post Feed/Featured Image sliders (content slider)
  • Custom slider themes
  • Thumbnail Navigation

I would recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to get their information right away to people. This would also be good for anyone with a high bounce rate because this will encourage people to click through on the slider since they will likely see something of interest in one of the multiple slides you have showing.

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Nice Review dude.
Its actually included in a lot of wordpress themes.

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