Virtual Reality is about to go mainstream

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Virtual Reality is about to go mainstream

By this time next year the shop stores will be full of VR headsets that are much better than what's on offer today but you don't need to spend big bucks to have a play now and can buy a VR-Box on ebay for about $20.00 and just insert your phone for a little play.

Youtube (scum) has lots of 360 things to view that will blow you away the first time you use a VR headset but keep your money safe and don't be taken in by $600 systems because the standard is up in the air for now.

Within three years you will go to the supermarket with your VR glasses and as you look at a product the device will do a search to see if the price is cheaper in another store and that's just for starters

I don't like where we are going with computers and Google A.I but the masses will demand it and much more too so what chance do i have of stopping it and if you think kids today are bad with Xboxes then you will be in for a shock when Microsoft (YES AMERICAN AGAIN) brings out project Scorpio with VR as standard

p.s the shops in the UK are all sold out of these cheap devices for now but make sure you buy one with a focus button if you do want a little play and MS-Windows is doing a major upgrade soon and PC-Paint is going VR or so i've been told


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Virtual Reality is definitely the "new thing". And I personally find it really cool, even though I don't feel the need of buying myself a pair of VR-goggles right now. However, in the future, just like you've stated, VR will be mainstream and I don't doubt the fact that you'll wear your VR-goggles when you do some grocery shopping in a few years from now.

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I agree with you. There has been a lot of interest in VR headsets especially over the past year, and with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for instance, expectations are high. There are many lower quality but much more affordable headsets that one can buy from ebay, and there have been quite a good number of people who tried to buy these just to see what VR feels like, although certainly they cannot quite compare with the actual VR headsets from the more reputable brands. I just hope their prices will be a bit more affordable as time goes by.

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What we need next is a cheap 4k device that is just a screen and is feed from the HDMI output from a pc instead of trying to cram more power into mobile phones to do the job with some type of feedback for head movements

The HTC and Rift cost too much for what they are but we are on the right path and i bet the new X-Box scorpion that is 4 time more powerfull than an X-Box one will come with a device that will work with xboxes and also PC's if spyware central at microsoft wants to cash in on the next must have devices

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Virtual Reality is definetly not about to go mainstream, acording to steam stats only aprox 0.4% of steam users have a vr headset, this is definetly a niche market.
The current vr headsets are focusing on a gimick which is 4k, yet the current tehnology cant keep 60 fps in 4 k, not even the gtx 1080.
According to steam stats apropx 40% of users use 1080 resolution while the majority of the other 60% have even lower resolutions.
VR Headsets need to have a reason to be bought and are mostly aimed at gamers yet they target 4k resolution which they can't play and very few users actually want... this is where the marketing failed, instead of making something achievable like 1080 resolution with 60 fps and a lower entry price they chose to go along with a gimick...
As for the latest xbox scorpio and ps neo, they are already on outdated hardware, aiming for 4k with 30 fps... 4-5 year old pc's already can do that...

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I agree with this some what. I don't think you'll be going to the grocery store in vr glasses but I definitely see vr taking over the gaming community.

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I worked with a virtual reality company who makes these videos and I got to see some amazing VR short films, games, documentaries and even weddings! I agree that it may not go mainstream but it will grow and its definitely going to have a huge impact in the future with a much greater demand than now. More people will start making VR films and games and will eventually be available to a larger population. It will happen, slowly but eventually.

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I had my first experience of a virtual reality video in a mall in Singapore some years back. It was like being transported to another place that I had almost forgotten the reality of things. The demo was for 5 minutes only but experiencing 2 minutes was already enough for me. I got a headache, to be honest. Maybe the young ones will like virtual reality particularly in the gaming industry but I’d say it’s not for seniors like me.

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