How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

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How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

I was just looking over some ways to coin in on some of those popular interactive kids toys of today. You know the types like Hatchimals and Furbies and Zoomers and that. One thing I was thinking of is finding drop shippers who do fulfillment shipping. You can usually find those types of seller on sites like Alibaba and that. But of course, you'd have to actually list them up for sale some where like eBay or something and get people to buy them! And if your price is too high, you might not get any sales at all. Although, that said, some of these toys are selling at like 10x their actual RRP value right now.

But it got me thinking about how outsourcing SEO is very much like virtual drop shipping in a way. Because when you sell an SEO service that you are outsourcing else where. You have to then buy that service from that other provider/seller, wait for it to be built and delivered, and then repackage it back up and then go on to deliver it to the buyer.

The only plus side is you're not dealing with actual physical items so you don't have to worry about shipping and paying all those shipping fees each time! Especially when it comes to SEO / SMM services etc that you sell on SEOClerks. Whether you're a reseller or an actual provider of those services and doing them yourself, or not.

I guess this only really applies for those actual SEO or SEO (or SMO/SMM) services that you do actually outsource from elsewhere. But the concept is very much similar and the same in the way that you go about the whole process don't you think?

Is outsourcing SEO like virtual drop shopping?

In fact, if so, reselling and outsourcing SEO (which is a digitally delivered thing) could be coined "Virtual Drop shipping". Or is Virtual Drop shipping something else altogether in your opinion? How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!


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As you said, outsourcing SEO services or any online services for that matter is way more easier than buying from the manufacturer and sell it yourself.
I was always tended in opening an online store of some sorts, anything will do if it can be profitable enough for me to quit my job and do that full time.

Thing is, I don't have the stomach to risk all my savings into buying products that may or may not sell.

Drop shipping is very cool though, its a rather new practice right? You just need to find the buyer and everything is taking care off by wholesaler right? In that case, sign me in, I would totally do this. Finding space to store the items was one of my main reasons for not going out with online store.

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Selling an SEO service that is not yours is pretty much drop shipping How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

I actually have a website up and running that consists of SC items that I mark up and sell as my own. I collect all the proper information like the users Name, Email, Keywords, Descriptions, Videos, Articles, or whatever I need. After I make a sale, I come to SC and purchase what I need to. I collect all the information and the user never knows where I order the actual service from How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

My Process:

  1. Purchase either an eCommerce theme or SEO related theme from ThemeForest.
  2. Set up my services on subpages but link the main category page in my top menu/navigation bar.
  3. Set up all my forms on Wufoo and once they are finished I will ad them to their own subpage which is linked to the right service.
  4. Link my Wufoo forms with MailChimp so that I collect every email there from people who purchase.
  5. Have all orders get redirected to a page that is a duplicate of the category page which says "Did you have your eye on another service?" above the links.
  6. Set up an Adwords campaign for keywords related to the packages and fine tune the campaign over 3 weeks.

By doing it this way I have a website that is super well designed and loads quick. My forms are linked directly to my paypal account so when I make a sale I get updated via email and a paypal notification on my phone. All my clients, and people who don't buy but fill out my forms, get added to mailchimp for later email advertisements about sales and new services which will increase my profits.

It doesn't make a ton of money, but that's not really what I'm after. I want to build a huge list of emails which I can advertise to later on. And since they've ordered an SEO service from me already, I know 2 things. I know that they have a website and that they are interested in increasing their rankings in the SERPs. Basically it will turn into a gold mine later down the road and I can push my new services to over time How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

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WOW Razzy, really interesting way of outsourcing. Thanks for sharing this experience. I actually never knew about Wufoo and this idea of a way to collect email addresses of interested people in that niche is really smart move. Reading your comment just made me think of another way to make little extra income and try to improve my online business How Outsourcing SEO is Like Virtual Drop Shipping!

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I think many people follow these steps. And it does work out for many of them. So each to their own in that case. I think some people do struggle with the steps. In such case they can outsource or hire. I think if these steps can be outsourced and managed then it is quicker.

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Hi Mike, great topic and yes I agree that outsourcing SEO is very much like drop shipping. Well except that I believe drop shipping physical products would seriously be a load more work and admin.

When I think of drop shipping my first concern that comes up is will the person you purchase from always have the stock to be able to fulfill your orders that come in.

I had an online store myself and I found the admin a pain in the ass.

Now SEO services are different since there is no stock and even if one supplier won't be able to supply a service at that time I am sure that finding a new supplier won't be too much of a hassle.

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I think outsourcing is lot like drop shipping. Here you outsource the shipping as in coding delivery. You find people to work for from agency. And things like that pretty much common with drop shipping. Only difference being in case of the outsourcing SEO the result based fees are different than the product based drop shipping. Each to their own though. Can be different in each case.

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Certainly it can be termed that way because that is exactly what dropshipping is
all about.The drop shipper is an intermediary between the actual seller
and the buyer which is the same with digital services.A person get
an SEO offer and the person outsource it out to an expert and the job
is done and send back to the buyer, money is paid and the go-between as
his or her cut and the process of drop shipping is complete.

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The thing is that dropshipping deals with people who needs product and gets the output delivered. In case of the SEO outsourced service. You may notice that it may not be the case for the people who buy the service because here taking follow up is necessary. I think process often does take time and not always reliable though. So compared to outsourcing, the dropshipping may be lot different.

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If you mean to say you will find a client for SEO work and then you will outsource that project, indeed it is similar to drop shipping in a way. But drop shipping is more comfortable since the products are already there and are tangible for the prospective clients to check on while the SEO service is intangible and you have to present proof of the pudding, so to speak.

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