How Would You Market A New App?

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How Would You Market A New App?

How Would You Market A New App?
Hey guys!

Let me tell you this, I don't do mobile marketing and I've never created an app and I've never had anything to do with apps at all, except that I use some apps myself.

So, pardon me for being a total rookie with no experience.

However, I would love to hear your experience on this, as I've had a couple of opportunities in the past, to partner up with people to launch a new app, but I've never done it.

What is important to think about, if and when you launch your app?
What is the very first thing you should do, when you have a launch-ready app?

And how do you market your app, when you've launched it? (Besides the normal forum/social media marketing.)

Best Regards,


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Well an app can be like a mini business in and of itself. So more or less in the same way as you would promote your business, your website, blog, etc, you would promote that app as well. Most good apps come with a website. Usually on a .io domain such as for the slither game. And as such, you would promote that website like any other in order to drive traffic to it either with SEO services and using SMM services also on social media and building up the social side of it like the facebook page/group, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin etc etc

And then you have your app itself. If it's a really good app. Really useful to people in some way. Then it will kind of just promote itself really. The more installs it gets, the higher up it's ranked on the Appstore. Assuming it was an Apple iOS App. You would probably want to make an Android version of your app and put it on the Google Play Store as well. And then you can learn how to SEO your Google Play Store apps but that is another kettle of fish altogether!

But more than this, there are many ways you can promote / market your app. Many free and paid ways as you can imagine and more than that out there for it. That's not a problem. You can find and source that fairly easily even on a shoe-string budget. There are many popular indie apps out there that were started on nothing bud a good idea and a small budget.

The trick is, to coming up with an app that is popular and even goes viral.

That way it will sort of just, promote and market itself and grow from there.

Do you have a good idea for an app in mind then Andre? How Would You Market A New App?

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Thank you very much Mike, I appreciate your advice and your input as always. How Would You Market A New App?
I will just use all your information further on, and I'll bookmark it for later use. (damn these bookmarks! How Would You Market A New App?)

However, about the app. Eh.... Yeah, kind of. I've had a few ideas in the past actually, but I've never done anything with it. That being said, I obviously have a few ideas nowadays too, but I'm not sure I'll do anything with them either.. - Let's see what the future beholds. How Would You Market A New App?

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I'm also a complete app rookie Andre, but I would think you would market and go about things very much the same way as you would any product.

The first step being that it must be a quality app. All I know about apps is that I find them pretty darn useless in general. I have downloaded a good amount of apps in the past and I usually remove them from my phone within minutes so you will need to capture the users interest within minutes!

Then like Mike said you will need to put it up for sale on the Applestore or Google Play. There are ways to SEO your app and also all downloads, reviews etc count towards the ranking of your app. I would think then that analyzing your competitors would be vital so you can see how you can beat their rankings.

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I have one Android app. I don't have many downloads but some of the downloads are working fine for me. I think depending on what type of app you're aiming for, the promotion varies. Some apps are easy to promote. And some apps are really hard to promote for sure. So it all comes down to what you wish to promote and how much money you have for the promotion. Not all thee content makes money.

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Make sure it works, for one. Every app has bugs so don't worry about that too much, but it needs to work properly for users to use it constantly.
Get your social media accounts ready and be active on those - it's free promotion if you know how to do it properly.

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Social media marketing should be a way to go for you App marketing, plus it is really cost effective. but above all make sure you deliver a good app that solves problems and it could just market for itself through users experience. another way is hiring individual marketers with a good track record.

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Oh this thread is old but I still feel like giving my idea as well just in case you or someone else need it :-)
First of all thanks to IdealMike,Overcast and Fhuzon... for the great ideas you gave I agree with you guys ;-)
In addition of what you said My idea is to contact bloggers who would care to advertise it on their blogs too :-) that may cost you something but if you choose some successful bloggers it will be worthy the investment.

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The best way to market a new app is using forums or social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ which will attract more people to visit your apps, from there, you can increase views and downloads for your apps, they are one of factors to get your apps high rankings on apps search results.

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Here is what's covered:

Build Your Personal Online Presence.
Validate Your Idea.
Review Mining.
Choose Your Revenue Model.
Choose The Right Name.
Start Marketing Within Your App.
Build Your App's Online Presence.
Get Feedback.

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Paid promotion is a pretty good way to start. Surprisingly you can acquire more valuable users through paid channels.

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