Contact Form 7 Wordpress Plugin Review

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Contact Form 7 Wordpress Plugin Review

We all need contact form 7 on our websites so that someone can get in touch with us if they have any questions about our services, content, images, bugs, or anything else that has to do with the website itself. Coding a contact us page with every field and configuring your smtp server to send out the right emails to where they're suppose to go is beyond a lot of us, especially me lol.

Contact Form 7 helps people like myself add a simple contact form to my /contact-us page so that people can message me quickly. I'm absolutely horrible at design and programming, so the Contact Form 7 comes in handy a lot.

I love the fact that the forms have built in captchas and askimet systems so that you can avoid all the spammers out there trying to pitch you weight loss pills or anything else they think will sell to the masses.

A lot of premium themes for wordpress will come with contact form 7 because it's super powerful yet simple to use at the same time. If the theme I purchase doesn't have a good contact form plugin, I always opt for Contact Form 7. New website owners going the wordpress route want everything to be simple to use, and that's exactly what this plugin is. You can literally just input your information into a few fields and you're good to go!

This plugin has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and has a good amount of positive reviews.
Contact Form 7 Wordpress Plugin Review

If you don't already have a contact form plugin or you're disappointed in your current one, I highly suggest you check out the Contact Form 7 plugin Contact Form 7 Wordpress Plugin Review

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This is great WordPress plugin. I have that on every of my blogs. Advantage of this plugin is that you can set up more then one contact forms, for different receivers, but also with different fields. Another powerful feature is that you can make some or all fields as "required" so sender can't send you an email until required fields are filled in.

There is also some free and premium extensions available for this plugin so users can use it for different purposes. One of interesting things i find about this plugin is that it can be integrated with PayPal, so after collecting some required details, on submitting form it redirects sender to PayPal payment. In this case it can be used to sell something, while you get required details + payments.

Another great extension is reCaptcha addon so you can keep your email spam free as much as possible. There is even more extensions to search for at plugin repository, so i would recommend this plugin to every blogger.

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I have used Contact Form 7 on my website for my contact pages and for loads of other things such as entering competitions and also sending in queries about products or services too.

It works really well and it is also easy to use. Just like Razzy I am not a developer or a designer and my skills are very limited when it comes to anything technical so this is a great tool for me to make use of.

I've also noticed like Abid has said that there is an option for connecting the form to Paypal with the Premium version which would make everything so easy to make money online by using this as an order form.

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