Why Do YOU Come Back To IM/Freelancing?

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Why Do YOU Come Back To IM/Freelancing?

Why Do YOU Come Back To IM/Freelancing?

Why Do You Keep Coming Back To IM/Freelancing?

  • What's the main reason for you to come back, day after day?

Most of us are fully aware of why we became freelancers to begin with. - Due to the money, the possibilities, clients, being our own boss or whatever it might be..

But what's the reason for you to keep pushing yourself and the reason you're coming back?

Is it still because of the same reason you first started? - Due to the money? - Because you are your own boss?

For me, even though I don't have the same success nowadays compared to 2015 and 2016, I come back because I truly love it.

I love working from home (or whatever place I want to work from) and I love being my own boss. It gives me the feeling of being powerful somehow. I have the power. I decide whether or not I should do this or that. - I don't have anyone to blame but myself if I do things wrong. - And that's actually a thrilling feeling.

How about you?

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I love internet marketing. I love blogging, I love affiliate marketing, I love doing online promotions, social media marketing and everything else that goes with it.

I love the challenge of making money using nothing other than my brain and my laptop. How cool is that right? Some people have to drive into an office every day or go and do hard physical labour, they have to make physical things.. but I just sit at home and type on my keyboard.

I think it is the coolest challenge ever.

Yes it can be hard at times, but it is also loads of fun too.

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I couldn't agree with you more Lynne. I love the freelancing life so to speak, even though it's difficult at times. And sure, I've been on a rough path these last couple of months, both in life and in my business, but I know that I'll come out stronger than ever. Sooner or later that is.

One of the best things with being a freelancer is the fact that I work by myself and also for myself. What I do matters in a different way now compared to how my work would matter to my boss if I was working for a company. What I do matters and it will basically also determine living or dying.

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I think it is fun to make a living on your own. I mean how many people can actually say "I make a living at my own home, on my couch while watching football"? Not many! There seems to be like an 'elite' status among those who work from home by freelancing, or entrepreneurs.
I come back to freelancing because I enjoy it. I may not make much money by freelancing, but i am at least making something by freelancing. Surely it won't make me rich, but it will pay the bills, rent, and groceries!

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My freelancing is my preparation for my retirement when I reach 60. What would I do without a job? Freelancing can give me a sensible occupation. And although the earnings are meager for now, who knows if I can earn a substantial amount when I go full time in my freelancing. This is a good training for me to enhance my writing skills.

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My coming online was basically to balanced family and work.I noticed that working offline keeps me so much away from my family my kids were always left with my help and I wasn't feeling comfortable about it, so I decided to check online and I found some tasks to do for money and it has kept me going till now and I'm even enjoying it.

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I think for me the IM and the freelance market makes lot quicker money than the offline world. And I want to save my time and money which may get wasted on the offline world. You can see that in such context it's reasonable to say that freelancing world is better approached with the positive mindset. So I come back to it after doing weekly job. So it works for me.

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