My phone doesn't read my memory card! - Memory Card Reader A Good option?

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My phone doesn't read my memory card! - Memory Card Reader A Good option?

Hey guys,
I know that this might be the wrong place to ask you this, but I still want to do it, as I'm used to getting superb answers to my questions. My phone doesn

So, I have an old Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. It's like, I don't know, 3 years old now I think. From nowhere, it just suddenly stopped reading my memory card. I've obviously done everything I can already, reset the phone and this and that, but still nothing.

I have tons of things on my memory card which I really need to save.. Do you have any suggestions? - There's an endless variety of memory card readers, so I could obviously buy one and save everything to my computer. But which memory card reader should I go with? - Does it matter?

Do you have any suggestions?

Best Regards,


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Hey hitmeasap,

My girlfriend actually went through the same problem with her phones micro SD card. She had a few corrupt files on her card and it affected almost everything. She actually thought she lost all of her photos because her phone didn't recognize the SD card where she stored them.

She was panicking while I was rummaging through my closet to find my micro SD card reader. I took her "corrupeted" micro SD card and plugged it in. Then I plugged the reader into my laptop and started to transfer everything to a folder I created specifically for her photos and videos. I would say that I got around 95% of what she had on there transferred to the folder on my desktop, but some things were lost unfortunately My phone doesn She lost a few pictures and videos, but nothing too bad like baby pictures of her daughter from 8 years ago. It would have been a bad day if she lost those My phone doesn

After I got what I could off of the micro SD card, I backed it up again on my external hard drive just so there were 2 places the photos were at. I did this as an added line of security just in case my laptop ever decided to fry itself.

As for which reader you should get, that's a difficult question. If you have an old phone you'll definitely want to ask the seller or company if their reader supports what you have so that you're not just wasting money on a reader that you'll have to return. Most readers will plug into your latpop or desktop, probably all of them, so you don't have to worry too much about transferring your pictures and videos.

I would say to go with a high quality one because you'll probably never need to buy another one again. A really good one will probably cost, at the most, around $20 or $25. They're not super expensive and that means you can pick the best of the best lol My phone doesn

If you go on or their app, you can probably find some good deals there. If you have amazon prime, like I do for christmas shopping lol, you can get the reader in 2 days.

Hope that helps My phone doesn

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Thanks for sharing Razzy, I appreciate it. It sounds like me and your gf have the same problem. Or could have the same problem at least. - So you basically just used a memory card reader then? - So you could still save the photos and all that. Sorry for that loss you mentioned by the way.

How is that? - I mean, why couldn't you save the full 100%? - And was the SD card corrupted or was it just the phone that thought it was corrupted?

So I could literally go with whatever memory card reader I want? - As long as it supports my memory card. - Thank you once again!

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Good luck Andre, well I've learned something new. I wasn't even aware of how to go about using a memory card reader.

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Thank you Lynne. - Nice to hear that you learned something new. That's what this is all about! My phone doesn
And yeah, I've always been aware of memory card readers existence, but I've never used one myself.. And I would much rather get my phone to actually read the memory card, instead of paying for a memory card reader I won't be using more than this time. (Most likely anyhow). Sure, the memory card reader is not expensive in any way, but I just want my phone to work like it's supposed to do.. :S

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I am actually having the same problem with my memory card. It says that some of my files are corrupt. I have so many things on this memory card and don't want to lose them. I downloaded several applications in order to recover those files but I was unsuccessful. I have tried to put the memory card on another device but I am still having the same problem. I will be happy if someone can help me out.

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