Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?

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Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?

Hi everybody Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?

I was thinking about some sellers business model and if not most of them, at least many of them outsource work in order to resell at a higher price.

When you go to a grocery store, you go to purchase milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, detergent, canned fish, cakes, sweets, etc.
But you usually do not know the source: where are the sellers buying the products in order to make a profit for themselves (and thanks God we do not know that Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?).
It is perfectly legal and ethical (because men and women are able to help their families with this small and honest business).

However, here in SEOClerks (and in many other places), when you buy a service you don't have a chance to give feedback but to hide who you are...
Some of your buyers can find out and be really angry...
Whether it is a certain service (easier to find out) or a basket of smaller services that you combine into a single service (harder to find out but still possible).

With this suggestion, the seller will still have their feedback given, but the buyer will be secret.
It can even help the sellers to receive a larger feedback because other sellers won't be afraid to give feedback to certain services they purchase. And you know what that means Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?
Sellers with larger feedback, more people trust them, more sales to SEOClerks and everybody wins.

Also, instead of only buying or selling in another marketplace, people will be able to buy and sell on the same marketplace Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?

What do you guys think about this?


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I've actually thought about this myself a few times and fairly recently I was thinking about it again. Because this has come up in the past in previous discussions on here as well. I would like to be able to leave my feedback for an order, but not have my profile link display in the list of recent feedback (ratings) on that particular service. It doesn't really matter too much, but its a preference kind of thing. And I think it would be better (or good) if I could leave feedback for that service, but not have my profile link show up on that service.

Ebay do something like this and allow people to bid anonymously on things. And then when they purchase and leave their feedback, it doesn't show up on the sellers profile under the list of recent feedback. I think something like that would be good to have here as well for those of us, that want to leave the seller his/her deserved, appropriate feedback, but not have that feedback (rating) left show up on the sellers service.

So thanks for posting this as a suggestion, I think we should wait to see what other people say about it as well. Like most things, if enough people like the idea and are for it, they can look into adding it as an actual official feature for buyers that want to remain anonymous. Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?

That's my take on it anyway. Looking forward to hearing other peoples. Secret Feedback Option For Buyers?


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Thank you very much for your reply Mike ;)

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Hello clerkboy3,
This is actually a great suggestion. Especially for people who's reselling services.

I personally was reselling services before and I rated only a handful of services I bought just because of the reason you've mentioned. Due to the fact that my username would be listed as a buyer for that specific service, and it really does look odd if I bought services I was selling myself, right?

However, I notified the seller about this and I told them how I would do things, and they agreed. But it still feels weird to not leave a positive feedback when I get exactly what I'm looking for.. I want positive feedbacks myself from my clients and I definitely want to give positive feedbacks whenever I'm buying services too. - So yeah. To me, this sounds like a great feature!

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good idea, it's a win win

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Yeah I have seen this topic about feedback from resellers come up quite regularly. I can certainly see how adding a new feature like this will benefit everyone involved.

The person selling services to resellers will receive more feedback, reviews and recommendations from buyers.

Buyers will be better able to make their decisions when they want to buy services since there will be more information available on all services.

The members that buy and resell services will be able to show their appreciation to their sellers and also be able to give them the feedback they deserve.

This is an excellent idea and I truly hope that SeoClerks takes note and adds this to the list of awesome new features to roll out!

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