What Would You Suggest To Someone Who's In Need Of $1000 ASAP?

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What Would You Suggest To Someone Who's In Need Of $1000 ASAP?

What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

Hey Guys,
This is a super common question and I usually don't even try to answer something like this, because these questions are not only annoying.. Most of them are also asked by newcomers who've never done anything at all online. - This is a typical question from people who's looking for a huge shortcut to cash, instantly, without doing anything, even though they usually claim to have done "everything".

That's why I thought I'd bring this up! - I wouldn't mind getting $1000 in a few days either obviously, but this isn't really about the money I want.. This is to shed some light upon this entire subject. With your help, I know we'll be able to do it. What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

So who's going first? - Who'll be the first freelancer to share some tips, secrets, thoughts, ideas or your own experience?

Who will be the first one to help people to earn money as quickly as possible?

Okay.. I'm going first. This is my topic after all.. ;)

Seriously though, I can't even think of one single thing you can do, to make sure you'll earn money super fast like that. You could obviously sell your computer, your car or other personal stuff like that, but I wouldn't recommend doing it. - It usually puts you in an even worse situation, as you'll have to buy everything again. - And that's when you'll end up losing tons of money..

And I wouldn't recommend robbing a bank or something either, as that's illegal and bogus. I don't want to share these kind of things. I want something real and legal to be shared here.

Personally, I don't think it's possible to start from scratch and end up with $1000 or even $100 in a few days alone.. Not from scratch. - What do you think and what would you recommend?

Best Regards,


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No it's possible. A lot of people have done it and do it. Mostly they research something and then start something. There are many ways of doing it. But they all mostly take research and then action on your behalf. It could be something as simple as signing up to an affiliate or some kind. Then promoting/advertising that somewhere, such as on some forum somewhere or something. Another thing you could do, if you have a small budget to play with, is to use Adwords and advertise some high paying offer of some kind. One that pays a great deal of commission. So if you could find one that pays say, $500 commission, such as for an expensive car or something, then in theory, you'd only really need to make two sales and then there's your $1000 earnings from the commission you've made from them. What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

But doing that does take a lot of research usually and you always usually find that anything you do find that's worth doing, someone else, and many others, are already doing the same thing. So you'll be up against a lot of competition for anything that's worth doing like that.

But there are so many other things you can try as well. However, mostly, they all involve being an affiliate for someone and then promoting/advertising that product/service in some way and that can involve some initial outlay from the start before you see results.

But it's definitely possible. All things are possible to him who believes!

After all, positive things happen to positive thinkers don't they? What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

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Either that Andre or somewhere like Wonga where you can get a cash advance loan. But I don't really recommend those things as they have a percentage rate of like 2000% or something like that. That means if you borrow $1000, you end up paying back about $3000 which is truly disgusting in my opinion. But they know that people need the money and are happy to pay it back in installments to get hold of the cash. I'm sure they'll make a lot of money around Christmas time when there's so many people that need some extra cash to buy presents with and that. I hope you find what you're looking for Andre and just remember, with or without, you're always welcome round for Christmas dinner at mine. What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

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Like Mike says I am sure it is possible to make $1000 in a few days. But is it likely and will it happen to me or you? Not a chance and this is where the problem comes in.

You can also win the lottery and become an instant millionaire. Is it possible? Oh yes... is it likely and will it happen to me or you? Well no.

You do have a better chance of taking out a loan like Mike suggestion but then you have to pay it back and you could get stuck in a debt trap.

My advice is to not try and make quick money at all. Rather be sensible about things, learn how to make some money online, like a real solid business plan and work on that. You won't make money today or tomorrow but you can invest your time and effort on your future.

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Well, instead of replying to both of you separately, I'll just reply like this What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

First of all, thank you both for your replies. Honest and good. Just like always. - And I appreciate them both!

The thing is that I see multiple topics regarding this each day. "How can I make $100 in 2 days?" - "How can I make $1000 per month, in 3 days?" etc. etc. - It's really bugging me. I can't understand how people think. - People are weird. What Would You Suggest To Someone Who

Anyhow, sure it's possible to win the lottery but most people won't do that. Most people will just toss away their money on lottery tickets and never earn a single cent. Sure, they pay a small price to have a chance.. - But that chance is really small.

And when it comes to IM. How would you ever be able to earn $1000 in only a few days, if you have slim to none knowledge or experience? - I mean, you can't just "win the lottery" in IM or as a freelancer. - That's 0% chance.

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How would you ever be able to earn $1000 in only a few days, if you have slim to none knowledge or experience?

Nicely said! Here's a little bit of my input: I love when people try to hit it rich on the internet, and expect high returns for such little knowledge they have regarding a subject. People want things NOW, and do not want to do the research. They expect a lot for so little. If you ever try to make $1000 in a day, week, or month on the internet, you're going to do it by HARD work, and I mean REALLY hard work. Don't expect to just go to a website and instantly get $1,000, and if you do, chances are you've been scammed.

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It simply depends on what the person is using such money for. If it is for business purposes, then visiting some of the microfinance banks in the area to seek for soft loans is a way to go. I don't think he can get such free in this economic period.

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I don't think that someone starting from scratch can make that much money in a few days under normal circumstances. There's always a learning period involved and some preparation before anyone can make something profitable. A few days is just too short for that. Many freelancers, in fact, still struggle to earn that much money regularly on a monthly basis. You'll have to build a solid reputation to be able to earn $1,000 at will and even that is not an assurance.

Likewise, not everyone who applies for a bank loan gets approved. One will need a good credit rating to access loan facilities.

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