How to remove Google Penalty?

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How to remove Google Penalty?

I don't have a Google penalty but I was just wondering if you did get one how to remove a Google Penalty?

Also are there maybe different degrees of penalties, so maybe you were just a little bit naughty in your techniques so you get a lesser penalty?

What exactly happens when you get penalized by Google and what are the exact steps to take to rectify your website?

I was just wondering about this since Andre wrote a post about offering services to "clean up" a website.

I wonder if there is a huge market for services to get a Google Penalty removed?


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Well if you get a Manuel Action Google Penalty, it will show in your Google Search Console. Although, they don't always show what they are exactly and why exactly you got it. It might say something quite generic and might provide a link to something they found which is what they have given you a penalty for. When you get that, you should try to remove the link/links they have found and then submit a reconsideration request. There is a list of common manual actions there which will be one of those listed. From there on, once you've made the required changes and then submitted a reconsideration request, all you can really do then is wait.

And depending on the severity of the penalty, and your site (such as how old and established it is) and whether they like it or not! It could take a while for them to do that. Some people have been waiting a long time after doing a clean up and still haven't had the Google web spam team remove the manual penalty, regardless to how many reconsideration requests they've submitted. It all really depends on the nature of the site in question.

Google dislikes certain sites. Take sites that sell social signals etc Google hates those types of sites. But things like mom blogs etc they don't mind as they are real and aren't trying to sell stuff like that and that would probably help you. But again, it all really depends on the severity of the manual action and just how naughty they thought you was.

Hope this helps! How to remove Google Penalty?

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Thanks for answering my questions. Ok so there are like varying degrees of penalties and I think that is only fair since I am sure that some people are not intending to do anything spammy or black hat but perhaps just take the wrong advice or maybe even get targeted by someone that is trying to perform negative SEO to outrank them.

Thanks for explaining the process of how to go about removing a Google Penalty.

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As indicated by Matt Cutts, more than 400,000 manual activities are being started each month by Google. That is not all. Various different sites are being punished by algorithmic upgrades, for example, Penguin and Panda. Interesting that lone around 20,000 website admins are presenting a reexamination demand each month. Along these lines, this implies just 5% of the sites that have been punished are attempting to recuperate their rankings.?
Follow the points to get ranking back and free from Google penalty
Find All of Your Backlinks,
Identify the Bad Backlinks
Request Removal of the Bad Links

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It would seem off that only 5% of websites are trying to get their Google Penalty removed, I wonder why that is?

If my one of my websites got penalized I would be on that like a shot working day and night until it was sorted out.

Thanks for the tips.

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