Keywords Everywhere - Google Keyword Planner Alternative

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Keywords Everywhere - Google Keyword Planner Alternative

Hello all. I just come across Keywords Everywhere which is supposed to be a free alternative to Keyword Planner tool and can show you exact search volume. Right in your browser! It's a free browser extension. Once you've installed it, you'll need an API key which you can get by just submitting your email and it's sent to you. Then you'll just have to enter it and validate it and then you'll be able to use it.

They pull in search volume, CPC & competition data from most top keyword sites like Ubersuggest, Google Search Console, Soovle, Google Analytics, Answer The Public,
Keyword Shitter, Majestic Anchors, Moz Open Site Explorer.

Here is an actual list of sites they support along with how they pull data from them.

(1) - the data is shown right under the search textbox
(2) Google Search Console - the data is shown in the Search Analytics page
(3) Google Analytics - data shown in the Organic and Search Engine Optimization -> Queries pages
(4) Google Trends - data shown in the queries widget
(5) Google Search - data shown under main keyword as well as related searches
(6) UberSuggest - data shown alongside keywords in this awesome keyword suggestion tool
(7) - data shown in popup on each spoke of the wheel, data also shown in the alphabetic listings
(8) - data shown next to each keyword all over the page
(9) - data shown under the main text area next to keywords
(10) Majestic - Anchor Text Report
(11) Moz Open Site Explorer - Anchor Text Report

After you install the browser addon, you'll be given a simple settings panel to choose which site you want to pull the info from as well as some other display settings.
Keywords Everywhere - Google Keyword Planner Alternative

Then to use it, all you have to do is click on the K icon in your browser and from there you can upload some keywords to it or just enter some into the field.

I chose keyword "seoclerk" as a test. Which provided me with this result.
Keywords Everywhere - Google Keyword Planner Alternative
As you can see it shows you the search volume, what the suggested CPC and competition etc for it is. You can bulk upload a list of keywords, get the search volume, and then download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

So that's Keywords Everywhere. There's more details on their site. I hope you'll find it useful to you and a good replacement or alternative to Google Keyword Planner!



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Oh wow, thanks for sharing Mike! This is going to be very useful for me to recommend to people.

How accurate have you found using Keywords Everywhere?

I'm going to go and play around with them for a while and see how well it works. I always love finding free tools I can use and recommend to others.

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Welcome Lynne. Sharing is caring! I'm not entirely sure how accurate the results are compared to the results that Keyword Planner Tool actually provides. Since you can't see the actual more accurate results if you're spending money with them. Although you can just load some small funds into your account balance. But it does apparently pull the volume from that and other resources. What I like about it is that you can highlight a word in a page and then right click on it to get the search volume for it then and there without having to wait for the bulky and cumbersome Keyword Planner Tool to load!

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Well I'm using a paid keyword tool so perhaps I will just do some comparisons there and see what comes up for me. I do like the CPC section which I don't have in my Keyword tool.

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I love google and meta tag keywords because i run code that scans web-pages and pulls the keywords and then fires them off to Google search so that i can harvest all the lovely domain names from google with all the results recorded in a database along with the current IP address for the site. You see i needed the IP-Address to work out if the link is pointing to a domain name park and any server with more than a 100 sites on the same address is assumed to be a domain-park (it's a guess, i know)

The keyword tags gives me about 36,000 searches on and (you need to go real slow if you try this) and the new-hit rate drops to about zero long before anything like the 36,000 searches are done since i scan the first ten pages returned and each page has about a hundred links each.

Now the next part of the process is to flag all the domain names that just do a 302 redirect to another domain and exclude them from any total sums i have and i should be left with a approximate estimate of just how big the English speaking size of the internet is but this is were i start falling out with people because they parrot out numbers out that someone else has quoted as if they know it to be true even without doing any research what so ever.

Well I know alexanda has the number of domain names at something like ten billion but the total for number of website with more than one English speaking visitor a day is well under two millions and hovers around 175k with new sites coming as others go 404 (Not Found) but don't tell that to someone that thinks they know it all.

Same with the theory about running out of Ipv4 addresses (Mobile phones will soon change this) like two years ago, we are not running out but we did have the Americans hogging just over a billion addresses out of a total that is about 4bn usable addresses so that's about three Ipv4 addresses for every man, woman and child who lives in the USA.

Huge chunks of the Ipv4 address range is owned by the US DoD, IBM, Apple and are never, ever used not even by hackers from our government and when you come across the term Ipv6 you should think of it as being Ipv12 because it's twelfth bytes long, Ipv4 is four bytes long and just adding one extra byte to Ipv4 would had given us 256 times more addresses than we already have but as it is they want every milk bottle or tin of food to have it's own unique address so they can track and spy on everything.

Microsoft also uses Ipv6 as a backdoor using a Teledo tunnel in windows so needless to say i turned it off in windows and my wifi router and will resist the move to ipv6 for as long as possible.

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Thank you for sharing this information that is valuable for those keywords users that prefer other means than the Google Keyword Planner. It looks like keyword is getting more noticed now than before maybe because of the results that SEO workers see from the keywords they use. I know that some webmasters have some other means for the keyword search like what @Lynne said that she is using a paid keyword tool.

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