Have you ever shared a software VPS and how to do that?

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Have you ever shared a software VPS and how to do that?

Hello all. Have you ever shared some software with someone using their license? I remember back in the day, you used to be able to buy VPS's that were kitted and loaded out with pre-installed software on them. Things like keyword research tools, SEO link building tools etc etc. Can you still get those VPS's today?

Are there any services like that on here or anywhere else that you know of, have used and can recommend? How long do they last for and do you share them with other people?

I don't like the idea of sharing a VPS with someone else who's also using those tools and gets to see all my URLs and the keywords I'm trying to rank for! Or are they exclusive to one person at a time so that you're not sharing the software with other people?

Have you ever done this? It seems to be a much cheaper way of getting to use that software for a short period instead of having to purchase it when you don't know how long you'll be using it for or whether or not it will be successful for you, or not.

What would be better to do in this scenario: Rent a VPS with all the tools pre-loaded and pre-installed on it. Or buy those tools individually and then use them on your own PC or another dedicated VPS?

What would you prefer to do and why? Have you ever shared a software VPS and how to do that?



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Whhhaaaatttt? No I have not. I wouldn't have a clue how to do this!

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I can set up VPS with pre loaded software i usually charge more for this. I don't have very many clients in this type of service but its very easy to rent our my computers lol. I have purchased all the software i need and most of it does not specify whether i can run multiple instances or not. If the same code works over and over again then i will just use it. I agree with you some software is just not ok to save on VPS if its shared someone else could be seeing your information. I have never used this service but i do offer it just have not had many sales to really offer it as a service here on Seoclerks.

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Yeah I remember back in the days before all the Algo updates. It used to be much more in demand back then. Back when I was using Sick Submitter and coding my own scripts to automate link building tasks. And when SEPuke was uber popular unlike it all is now. I think because of all the updates, a lot of people are scared to use tools like these on their sites in case they get a whack. But those people only got whacked for going at it hammer and tong and not doing it naturally. That's the thing with powerful tools like these, in the right hands they can be useful and go on to be effective. But in the wrong hands, they can do much damage!

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