You won't be able to avoid honest review anymore

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You won't be able to avoid honest review anymore

We all know the benefits and the potential damage reviews can have on our businesses.

At the moment there are a lot of ways to avoid negative reviews but also increase your chances of getting positive reviews by influencing your customer from certain aspects. Not to mention that fact that we have a huge number of fake reviews, even for big brands, fake testimonials that already most people can smell them from a mile away.

So what kind of reviews do people trust? Well, they are going to trust reviews from sources they already know. Like Facebook or Yelp, the problem is Google has started implementing "Reviews from the Web" in their Google Knowledge Panel results. In other words, people will be able to see reviews from Facebook or Yelp right there within the Knowledge Panel when they are going to type you business name in the search engine.

Take a look at this example:
You won

Business owners everywhere need to understand that honest and unsolicited reviews can help them a lot and can even transform their businesses, you need to make sure those awesome reviews you go are getting seen by as many people as possible, so make sure you are featuring them everywhere and make them visible.

Bottom line is that reviews are all over the place and are here to stay and they only get more and more important as the online arena evolves. Studies show that the vast majority of people are reading online reviews before they make a decision to give their money away.


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There are actually a few websites that have been doing this for a while, but they're not big hitters so no one knows about them lol. One of the ones I can think of off the top of my head is They've been doing the same thing that Google is now doing, where they accumulate reviews from all over the web. The only difference with yellowbot is that they give you a cumulative score based on all of your reviews, which is pretty awesome You won

I actually like how this all works out because so many people will find one bad review on a platform and they will think that the business is a 1 star when it's overall score should be a 4.5+ star. Imagine how many sales you're losing because someone sees one bad review on an obscure platform but they don't decide to check your facebook page or yelp listing. It's true that one bad review can actually kill your business, and it's even more harsh for newer businesses. If you have a new business with a bad review to start off, you will see that not many people will be contacting you since that's the only review that actually shows up You won

A while back people would actually set up services to build positive reviews on big platforms with millions of visitors each month. These services sold their reviews at around $5 a pop and would make a killing. They would flood out any bad reviews on specific platforms so that the business would have loads of 5 star reviews and positive comments. These types of services quickly stopped because edmunds and yelp started suing companies who were caught doing this type of service. It's not a law that if you're caught falsifying reviews for your own company you can actually lose your listing or be sued by the platform where the falsified positive review is at. Not only can you lose your listing, you can also get a bad reputation and kill your company. People will hear you've been spreading falsified positive reviews and they will feel like they were taken advantage of. The results of this is people spreading their own negative reviews about you and how you're fake You won

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Cristian so the reviews that people leave on my Facebook page will be visible on my Google Business Page? That is way cool actually! I haven't got any reviews on my Google Business Page yet and I was thinking that I will need to work on that, I have over 200 on my Facebook page though.

Problem is that somehow I have a duplicate Google Business Page. I thought my Google Plus profile would be my Google Business Page but it has created another one for me so I am not sure how to resolve that.

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Oh yeah, I remember your problem, have you contacted Google Support team? That's what I did with all my clients that had duplicate Google My Business pages. Anyway, I don't know for sure how Google is importing the reviews or how Google figures out what your real facebook page is, but this feature is very cool indeed.

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Yes I remember you suggesting that, but I just never got around to it! It has been on my to do list for ages.

Did you come right with Google Support and your clients duplicate pages?

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This is awesome and i love that we can review a company for the next person to see before they use or visit this business. The question i have is what will stop the fake reviews from showing up on Google search? I see a few services around saying that they can give reviews on yelp and few other sites do people really buy these? I mean "please keep up the good work" looks so unrealistic its insane. Even if this person did have ongoing work why not just do a review on all the work done instead of just giving a statement like that. These reviews need a minimum word count to qualify. I think this is yet another great innovation from Google what a great way to end the year.

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I think that this is really great. Customers deserve to know what is the truth and reviews are a great way of sharing this with them. It helps to offer businesses the reputation that they truly deserve, while giving customers more peace of mind and security.

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I agree that you cannot avoid honest reviews but you cannot avoid dishonest reviews either. When we travel, we get hotel booking from travel websites like booking dot com and tripadvisor. Our habit is to check the reviews of our prospect hotel. Almost always, there is at least one negative review that we see. But reading between the lines, the complaints of the guests were just more on emotion and not based on facts. That’s why you have to give your 100% effort to satisfy your customers to avoid negative reviews.

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