Complete AI SEO Automation is Coming! AI Writer produces human passable content that tricks Google

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Complete AI SEO Automation is Coming! AI Writer produces human passable content that tricks Google

Hi all. As you may know and remember, I've posted several topics and discussions here recently regarding A.I. and asking if one day, A.I. would be intelligent enough to be able to produce high quality articles on ANY subject based on a few words. So much so that you would think the article had been written by a human being.

Well that's here now already! An Ohio based company called "A.I. Writer" has created a neural net artificial intelligence that can churn out super high quality articles and perform other SEO tasks that are mostly, by and large, created by content mills in countries like India and the Philippines. And the crazy thing? They've done it from their college on a shoe-string-budget!

Complete AI SEO Automation is Coming! AI Writer produces human passable content that tricks Google
Picture: Automation Is Coming for SEO Content Farmers.

AI Writer is a neural net intelligence that isn't only sophisticated enough to teach itself how to write its own articles, but articles that are so highly polished that they've been able to fool businesses and buyers into thinking that article was written by a human.

The creator of AI Writer has been created by a Paul DeMott who runs his own Internet Marketing business as a part time summer job from his college with his friend Nick Shah. Nick studied neurology for almost two years and was learning medical theology until he dropped out to learn about artificial intelligence.

According to the article I found on Motherboard, Paul said that;

"We saw a demand in the internet marketing sphere for content and that was initially how we got into AI. So we said let's put five months in and see what can happen. At first we were super pumped when [the neural net] would just spell a word right. Then it started linking a few words together and at some point it started writing coherent paragraphs. We were just blown away."

The AI Writer knew nothing at all about English Grammar, and was programmed only to crawl the Internet and scour through content. But after about 5 days of crawling and reading hundreds of thousands of articles on the net, the neural net had an excellent command on the English language and grammar and was able to create its own grammatically correct content pieces.

Complete AI SEO Automation is Coming! AI Writer produces human passable content that tricks Google

Paul DeMott, software developer Endel Maricq and Nick Shah.

Paul and Nick have since said that the results have been very promising for them as an Internet Marketing agency since it's able to create its own articles that pass for complete uniqueness. It's never written the same sentence twice and is able to create up to 2000 articles per week for their clients. The funny thing is, none of those clients are any the wiser that the content was actually created by an artificial intelligence and not a human being!

And looking at some of the sample articles they've put online at it's not hard to see why. They had the AI Writer create an article on the diet pill: Phentermine. Not the easiest of subjects for most writers to write about. Here is a sample of what it had produced;
It is recommended to take a regular amount of exercise before the initial stage of the weight loss process. The main goal of this exercise is to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It is also recommended that people with heart disease should consult a doctor before beginning any type of exercise program. Exercise is one of the most important things to do in the prevention of high blood pressure.

The content does appear to be written very much like how a human would write and for the purposes and needs of what their clients are after it's perfectly acceptable and passable.

Considering most clients are SEO's that are simply creating bogus websites on expired domains that were once popular that link to their real main website. The purpose is simply to make Google think that the sites they're using the content on are real sites that link to their main site which makes Google think it's more important and thus increasing its rank in the SERPS.

Google used to be quite easily manipulated by just creating sites full of content keywords relevant to them. But Google has become a lot more sophisticated than this and can't be gamed in quite the same way. That's why they employed Latent Semantic Indexing that can tell just how real the content on a website is by mathematically analyzing the relationships between the words. So you can't just fill a website with a bunch of words now as Google's algorithm will know that it's fake and only set up for one purpose.

Call them "fake SEO sites", people that launch them can't just use auto generated content on them anymore and expect the same results. People will now need to buy realistic content for those sites. Most of that content seems quite boring to a normal human reader, but that's not the point. As long as Google doesn't see it as a "fake SEO site", and it can essentially trick Google then that's all that matters.

However that requires a LOT of content and that can get very expensive. We're talking hundreds of 1000+ word articles and when you consider you can pay from $10 to $20 for such a content piece. Total costs for that much content can tally off at anywhere from $10 to $15,000 which is astronomical costs. Although most of it is produced using content farms in cheap countries like India and the Philippines where there is still a large amount of English speaking people.

And so the AI Writer's articles might not be perfect, but then neither are these content farms content most of the time anyway. AI Writers content then is therefore almost identical to what one of these content farms writers might produce and nobody reading them would be any wiser that they were created by an artificial intelligence and not a human being.

DeMott says;
"Our content is less likely to make grammatical and spelling errors, but outsourced work tends to be stronger conceptually. But in terms of actually threading together something logical and making a strong point, AI Writer is at a high school level. It might sound and seem a bit nefarious pumping the Internet full of articles that were not ever meant to be read by human eyes. But this is just the next step in the general trend towards complete automation. This is happening regardless of whether we build this network or not. There are people that are hiring thousands of Indians and Filipinos to get these articles done, so if we had not brought our product to market I don't think the situation would've changed that much.”

Very true I say!

So here it is people! And this is only going to go on to become smarter and be a better writer and be able to produce ever more sophisticated articles that will not only trick Google into thinking it's human written, but also trick humans into thinking the same!

Can you imagine having access to an AI writer like this? Imagine being able to churn out hundreds of thousands of articles that all passed CopyScape and all passed for human written content.

Just punch in a few keywords, sit back and then watch as it creates super high quality articles that you can use on your main site or your other Internet Marketing activities, tactics, techniques and methods.

As a content writer yourself. What do you think about AI Writer?

Do you think it will put you out of a job in the future?

And as an Internet Marketer / SEO, is it something you'd like access to?

I know I well would!

Now all they need to teach it is all the Google Algorithms (what they know anyway) and it could potentially do some keyword research, register a domain, create some content for it. Then build backlinks like guest posts and other hard-to-get links, all on its own without the need for lifting a finger.

That to me is as scary as it is exciting!

What do you think? Complete AI SEO Automation is Coming! AI Writer produces human passable content that tricks Google


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Now you have my attention with the bit about Google and A.I

You see all this so called useless meta data that google is collecting is being feed into super advanced A.I system that today might not make the connection between driving red cars and have too many accidents but all that data is being stored and i would not like to guess what google A.I system will discover about you in twenty years time when it is re-feed that data and has an IQ of something like 50,000

Man is no longer at the top of the food chain, we knocked ourselves off

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Oh my gosh Mike, I can't believe it is here already. I have to be honest I thought it would take a lot longer than this to come about so I have been taken by surprise.

Yes I can see how loads of people would be interested in using this but I still think that there is a place for bloggers and content writers. People feel emotion and I think that will be a big game changer. People telling their personal story will always be a hit with readers.

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Well, I wonder how much "substance" those articles will have. The next step in Google rankings is not orientated towards the amount of content published and how many words an article may have, it's orientated towards the quality of the article itself and if people perceived as being useful or not.

I don't think AI writing will ever reach a human level, sure, they may pass for a mediocre writer that spins other articles found online but it will not have genuinely intuition and inspiration a human writer can have.

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Depending on our definition of AI, it has been with us a long time ago. If you have seen a toy that mimics what you say, it was a sort of AI although what it really does is just to record what you said and the toy will say it in its own style. The only missing part in that toy to be considered an AI is the analysis of the data like when you say go then the toy will move. There are now toys that are interactive, right? They are considered AI.

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