Linkedin Marketing to generate sales leads

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Linkedin Marketing to generate sales leads

I am interested in getting a Linkedin strategy developed and then deployed to get leads / new business. Can anyone suggest, if this possible here and what kind of investment is required.


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Hi DaOne, good question! And actually, there's been several articles posted here recently on using LinkedIn. So the best thing to do, is to search through the FAQ for LinkedIn and then take some time to look through the discussions that have been posted. Linkedin Marketing to generate sales leads

Razzy is the main guy that posts most of the LinkedIn stuff and most of his articles are very informative and will give you some tips to know to go about it. If it's something you intend on doing yourself that is. But definitely well worth a look through as it all will help.

However, as you've asked if it's possible here I presume you're looking for someone to do it for you? If so, what you would ideally need to do is to start a WTB (Want To Buy) and then request what it is you're looking for to get. Put as much detail as possible about what it is you're looking for someone to do for you and then people who have those skills can bid on that WTB and then you can hire someone from it.

Of course, you can always look through the list of Freelancers here and send them a message for anyone that has those skills listed and could potentially do it for you as those are all the best and biggest Freelancers on the site and will invariably have the skills for that. Linkedin Marketing to generate sales leads

As for the investment, it really depends how much work you want doing and for how long you need it doing. If you can give some more details about what it is you're specifically looking for, we can come up with an amount you can expect to pay for that.

Hope that helps and best regards.


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Yeah Razzy is our LinkedIn go to guy here Linkedin Marketing to generate sales leads Like Mike has said he has posted a number of really good discussions here on how to go about using LinkedIn for marketing.

I think the main points as far as I can remember is to optimize your LinkedIn profile as much as you can, according to Razzy just doing this properly could pull in some clients for you.

Then you will need to get active on LinkedIn, by joining groups in your niche and connecting with other authority figures in your niche. Here is a great discussion about pulling in clients on Linkedin.

I think hiring someone to do the leg work of connecting with people and joining groups is maybe the way to go. I think Razzy uses a virtual assistant for this type of work.

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You will probably need to hire a virtual assistant, a good one that already haves a LinkedIn strategy that works, but in my opinion, you want to find such a person. You need to develop a method that works first and then hire someone and teach him/her to implement that strategy over and over getting results every time.

For example, I developed my own LinkedIn marketing strategy for getting new clients and expanding my relationships with professionals in the SEO community. We can always have cat if you want, make we can work something out together.

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I have an account on Linkedin and it is sad that I have not had the chance to explore that at the moment. it is one thing I will try to have a look at in the near future.

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I have been receiving invitations to LinkedIn from time to time since a long time ago. I haven’t entertained any of those invites because I don’t have the penchant for more social media engagements. Facebook is more than enough for me. But a friend said that LinkedIn is not a social media but a sort of directory for professionals. Okay, granted that it is but LinkedIn is still a network, right?

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