Script Kiddies [vs] Real Hackers - The difference between the two.

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Script Kiddies [vs] Real Hackers - The difference between the two.

We all know what a hacker or a cracker is, but I've said the term "Script Kiddies" in plenty of conversations before and the person I'm talking with needs an explanation. And that's why I'm posting this Script Kiddies [vs] Real Hackers - The difference between the two.

A script kiddie is basically someone who wants to be a hacker but lacks the actual knowledge of how to actually hack anything. A script kiddie will use, you guessed it, scripts made by actual hackers and crackers in order to get the look of a hacker. They will basically just run the script and it will do whatever it was programmed for. The kiddie actually doesn't do anything but they get the gratification of "hacking" or taking down a website.

A script kiddie usually does this in order to call themselves a hacker in front of their friends and get acceptance or approval by some friends or peers.

A hacker, unlike a script kiddie, actually knows how to get into something without using a script of someone else to do so. Now I'm not saying that they won't use a script, because they usually do. The hacker or cracker will usually have a stable of scripts they can run to do whatever they want in order to perform an action while they manually do something else at the same time. It's like programming a second hacker in the form of a script in order to get twice as much "work" done so you can speed up the hack or crack.

A script kiddie isn't seen in a good light within the hacking community. They're seen as outcasts because they flaunt their hacking skills from using the hard work of actual hackers writing up scripts for themselves and friends. A script kiddie typically is a younger person, in junior high or high school, and wants to take a short cut on the learning of what to do in order to hack something.

I've actually seen some script kiddies talk about their latest hack and when I ask them if they accessed a website through htaccess they have no clue what I'm talking about lmao Script Kiddies [vs] Real Hackers - The difference between the two. For those of you who don't know, an easy hack can come through your htaccess and even though it's not usually bad, it is annoying. If the "hacker" didn't know about this, they were definitely a script kiddie Script Kiddies [vs] Real Hackers - The difference between the two.

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Most websites these days utilize PHP, have a MySQL database, and therefore are easily 'hacked'. I remember someone trying to see if they could exploit one of my websites. Little did they know, I actually logged all the inputs, GET, POST, etc variables. I actually tried to encourage them to see if they could find any exploits that I had forgotten to patch, or was unaware of. This particular person didn't get into anything, nor got control of my website. They lacked the basic understanding of SQL injection.

Now, let's fast forward a little bit.. I once posted on a hacking forum, to test how my site's security was, if anyone could find any exploit, or gain access to an admin account, etc. Literally 5 minutes later I refreshed the page and was seeing a message similar to: "Hacked by LulzSec". This caught my attention, and then I dove straight into the online security books, specifically based on PHP. Quite frightening when you assume your website is secured enough to put the real hackers at bay only to find that it actually wasn't. So, script kiddie or not, both are great in my opinion for security purposes. Without people finding bugs, exploits, or security flaws applications would probably never be patched, or fixed.

Script kiddies also often get on my nerves, they seem to have this power trip. I remember frequenting, and this one guy would always spam the rooms with his bots that he downloaded from a hacker forum. Little did he know, the bots actually had a backdoor, and let's just say he was stupid enough to enter his banking details while the bot was still on his computer. He never opened the program in a sandbox or anything. Live, and learn folks!

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I can understand why someone would want to hack a website to steal something. I certainly don't agree with this or respect anyone for doing this.What I can't understand is when people hack things to be malicious or perhaps because they think it is funny.

To me hacking is just awful no matter how you look at it, but when it is pointless hacking that really annoys me. I get the feeling that the Script Kiddies would fall into the category of hacking "for fun".

Thanks for this topic Razzy, I know nothing about hacking and I wasn't aware of Script Kiddies vs Real Hackers.

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Script Kiddies are basically trolls with downloaded tools. They think it's "funny" and "entertaining" to use their tools in which was probably coded by another real programmer or hacker. Hackers ARE programmers. And if you're a programmer, you're also a hacker too..

Script Kiddies also love to group together and use their tools to bring down websites. They think it's so fun because they are the ones to bring down a large, government, or local website. They get some satisfaction from it, the same with online trolls. Basically if they don't get any reaction then they will stop and move on.

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Trolls really annoy me. I see them all the time online, especially on social media. I am always so tempted to jump in and give them a piece of my mind... but that is exactly what they are after. They thrive on that sort of thing. Then me as a blogger will have my name dragged through the mud at the end of it.

When I see trolling online, even when someone starts going at me I just block and move on. Its the best.

I can see now the type of person that would be a Script Kiddie... ewww.

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I never knew this i always thought script kitty was someone who was trying to learn how to write code. I guess i was told the wrong meaning of this word. Hackers have been around for a long time and its getting easier as technology gets better to hack things. You would think just the opposite rite? When a new tech comes out its never fully done and will always need improvements. Hackers will exploit these backdoors and holes in the code to manipulate it and make it do exactly what they want. Most of the time they hack to steal credit card information personal information and more. Hackers and script kiddies has a big difference and i never thought that they where comparable honestly im glad this was all cleared up for me today. Overall its just a good idea to not hack anything unless your doing it for a legitimate job buahahaha! Great topic this was awesome thank you guys.

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Real hackers usually have and use their own developed scripts and won't sell or trade them for the world. They are constantly improving their scripts to deal with every update that comes their way. Hackers will always look to automate everything they do so use scripts makes sense. Script Kiddies just download buggy or outdated scripts developed by real hackers and use those to do whatever, bur mostly brag about what they "can do" online.

There are plenty of forums out there dedicated to actual hacking, you just need to have patience and maybe you will learn a thing or two from the real hackers.

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Point of correction to the poster above, that said programmers are hackers , it's so wrong, a programmer can be a hacker, but not all programmers are hackers, they're skills needed by a programmer before he can even think of been a hacker, hacking as an act is more of a mind set than a skill set, it's not dependent on the knowledge it's dependent on the individual, because some of the type it requires using human error to your own advantage, and being slick, that's why physicist are the best hackers because they reverse engineer the world.

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This is sad because it looks like the hackers are getting to be idolized by the young ones. Script Kiddies is an appropriate name for those young ones who pretend to be hackers by using hacking scripts that they found in the internet. I understand that hacking needs special skills but if the means like scripts are in the internet then those young pretenders can easily learn the trade of hacking. Good luck to our firewall and hacking protection software.

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