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Bitcoin Withdrawl option show support

Hello we all know now the best option for withdrawing of funds at very less fee is the Bitcoin which is best for all of us seller..

Last year i calculated my total earnings and fee that i paid to paypal in one year and its like my one months income. Yes seoclerks to paypal don't cut any fees but there is paypal conversion fees which is too high.

There is already bitcoin payment option on seoclerks while purchasing any services then why not the withdraw option...

All sellers please show your support by liking this suggestion and post below your comments..

Lets we reach this to the seoclerks team.


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Well I am keen to get some Bitcoin invested so if I can earn in Bitcoin and not spend it I could save it all up...which would be awesome. I think it is a great idea and I am sure that SeoClerks will look into it at some stage. They already have quite a few payment options.

Just out of interest have you seen the new Hyperwallet withdrawal option? There has been a lot of discussion about that. Honestly I haven't had the time to check it out myself yet but I do want to at some stage.

So you can get your money paid directly into your bank account with that method which is really awesome. The only reason I haven't gone with it yet is that it costs $3 per withdrawal and I usually just cash out small amounts since I am mainly a buyer here, so I don't really want $3 taken out of a small amount.

But if you save up your earnings so that you cash out a large amount, then the $3 is not a huge cost. Maybe if you cash out once a month?

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The problem with this idea is that it would costs tens of thousands of dollars to do. Not only that we only have 2 people on Seoclerks that want this feature so far. I would love to see this happen and it seems like your the second person who wants this to happen. The reason this cannot happen anytime soon is because of cost. You cant just pay people in BTC the same way you accept it. You need special licensing in each and every state here in the united states not to mention international laws on BTC would have to be taken into account. This would possibly take hundreds of hours of man power and lawyer time. At the end of the day its just not worth it to do Bitcoin withdrawals until more people have a need for it. I would love to get paid in BTC in fact if i did get paid in BTC this month i would have made 20% on my money on top of what i earned due to rising prices.

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jkeyz2 is the bitcoin expert around here and I totally agree!
I had a feeling that bitcoin withdrawals might be very difficult to implement since every marketplace I know doesn't have this feature implemented.

I love that SEOclerks was probably the first SEO marketplace to actually implement bitcoin payments but withdrawals are something else. I would probably use this feature a couple of times, just to get a few hundred dollars into bitcoin, but that's about it, I will always find PayPal as a much better withdraw option.

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Yeah that's a cool suggestion and I'd love to get paid in BTC especially right now with how much just 1 BTC is worth! Bitcoin Withdrawl option show support I have no idea myself how hard it would be. Or what the semantics of it are or would be. Let alone the laws around it, around making it as a withdraw option. But after hearing what Jkeyz has said about it and as he's our man on all things bitcoin related, I take what he says as gospel on the subject. Even though all said and accounted for, Ionicware are an innovative company and always pulling out the stops in surprising ways. And as such, are always looking for ways to further extend the features and usefulness of all its sites including SEOClerks for the better. And things change rapidly online and new things are made possible more and more every day. So who knows this could be something that was possible to have in the future. Definitely something I think they would or already have been looking into. You just never know! Bitcoin Withdrawl option show support

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I am also very much in support of this bitcoin withdrawal maybe i will make the third person that actually want the seoclerks team to bring it on as bitcoin is what is rocking the world high right now. more than the price of a gold. but if what jkeyz has said is anything to go buy, then it may be very difficult for the seoclerks team to bring it on but maybe we may need to hear from the horse mouth itself about this case - the seoclerks staff team.

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Being paid in Bitcoin is a great idea and would love it. However, many countries have laws that make it illegal to accept regular money and pay in Bitcoin or vise versa. Here is an excerpt from an article making this problematic and an expensive undertaking for many businesses.

"US regulator: Bitcoin exchanges must comply with money-laundering laws
Bitcoin miners must also register if they trade in their earnings for dollars.

Timothy B. Lee - 3/19/2013, 12:54 PM

The federal agency charged with enforcing the nation's laws against money laundering has issued new guidelines suggesting that several parties in the Bitcoin economy qualify as Money Services Businesses under US law. Money Services Businesses (MSBs) must register with the federal government, collect information about their customers, and take steps to combat money laundering by their customers.

The new guidelines do not mention Bitcoin by name, but there's little doubt which "de-centralized virtual currency" the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) had in mind when it drafted the new guidelines. A FinCEN spokesman told Bank Technology News last year that "we are aware of Bitcoin and other similar operations, and we are studying the mechanism behind Bitcoin."

America's anti-money-laundering laws require financial institutions to collect information on potentially suspicious transactions by their customers and report these to the federal government. Among the institutions subject to these regulatory requirements are "money services businesses," including "money transmitters." Until now, it wasn't clear who in the Bitcoin network qualified as a money transmitter under the law."
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I am not against the Bitcoin but my question is this – what is the guarantee that the Bitcoin’s value will be stable at all times? Pardon me for saying this but I know that proponents of the Bitcoin are doing everything to make that pseudo currency legitimate. It’s just that I think Bitcoin is much ahead of our time for now so maybe you have to wait for some more years for Bitcoin to be recognized.

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