Google will go full green in 2017!

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Google will go full green in 2017!

In 2017 Google claims it will use ONLY renewable and green energy to power up everything from data centers to their offices around the world.

They already have very energy economic data centers, to be princess they are 50% more efficient that the world average in this industry which is pretty impressive giving the enormous computing power they need to run anything Google.

The main source of Google's electric needs comes from wind farms. Here is a graph showing how much green energy Google is buying compared with other big companies:

Google will go full green in 2017!

To be fair I didn't expect Apple to be so low on the list, Amazon is also doing a great job, but Google, well Google plans to buy its own solar panels and wind turbines and make their own energy. This is what I call thinking of the feature and acting at the same time!

Google is definitely on the right track and I don't see anything stopping them anytime soon. Not even Facebook.

What do you think?


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This is very interesting to me, i love the stats. Google is a mega tech giant people don't realize how many branches of Google that actually exist. They have designed robotic dogs and robotic droids that can calculate and figure problems out. Like you mentioned the amount of power they must use is probably immense. I think this is a great move for Google and it looks like mostly everyone is using wind power. That surprises me for some reason that solar does not out number wind. Facebook is based in California if im not mistaken so that makes sense that they use mostly wind. So many open fields its perfect for that application. I wonder how many of these companies are trying to get 100% off the grid. I wish my house and my business was 50% on solar or wind that would make a huge difference in my profitability. Great news for the global warming issue that we have going on here.

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That is lovely to know, I really think everyone should be thinking of going as green as possible! I think it is a great move by Google to lead the way. Companies need to set an example and encourage others to follow. Google is huge and I think not only will they be making the world a better place by going green,but they will lead by example and be a great role model.

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Interesting post. I was not aware of this statistic. It is very good news indeed and I do hope that more companies will follow in their example. Sadly very few organizations try to give a helping hand in this area, and if only this was improved, we could be living in a better world and safeguarding it for future generations. Every little bit helps.

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I think this is really a good news. I have seen google progressing on many things. And their research on the green tech is going to be very valuable. With more power options for them and they rely less on the state. This means you can easily say they are being innovative and few steps ahead. And that's where things are supposed to be. It's good to have such tech around.

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Pardon me for this comment but I am may be confused with this green thing being claimed by hosting providers. And now Google is making the same claim of going green. If I had read it right, does that mean the Google offices including their servers and electricity needs will be coming from renewable energy? That they will disconnect from the grid? To be honest, I don’t think that is possible at this moment but that’s just an opinion of an ordinary person. And if Google can set a concrete example of how to really go green in the truest sense of the word, gee, that is admirable and a noble act.

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