Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

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Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

If you search for "best internet marketing forums" or similar things, you'll end up with TONS of results. I know it and you know it. - But, I want to ask you this question, because I'm looking for your personal opinion and your suggestions.

SEOClerks Community Discussion is amazing. Even though I personally believe it's still rather low activity. But I can clearly see and upwards trend at least, and shortly, tons of people will contribute and participate in discussions.

My main business is brand building and I mainly use internet marketing forums in my work, so I have accounts on TONS of them. However, I personally believe that warriorforum was rather good, at least a few years ago.

What about you?
Which internet marketing forum would you recommend? - And why?

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Ohh I've actually asked this questions myself several times over the years, funnily enough, on different IM forums lol. And when people ask me about some "top Internet marketing forums" I usually tell them well, forums like DigitalPoint, WarriorForum, BHW, IMTalk, Webmaster Sun etc etc. Those are some of the top IM forums I would mention and recommend off the top of my head usually anyway. Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

Some of them are bigger than others, some of them are more active. I sometimes occasionally login to them and have a browse through the new posts, see what's new, what people are chattering about, or pushing/selling and or slandering or flaming lol

Some other forums I like to catch up on are NamePros, WickedFire and the forums at

I like NamePros as it's basically pure domain / website talk. And WickedFire is like a tamer version of WF. Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

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I'm a big fan of BlackHatWorld because it seems that there aren't as many "Gurus" over there. And if you do come in claiming to be the best of the best and a millionaire, you get shunned pretty quick lol. People there just want to talk about SEO, SEM, PPC, Web Design, etc. They don't want to hear how you're a millionaire and have a secret source to riches for $495 (like on WarriorForum).

Don't get me wrong, I do like WF but for different reasons. I'm not as active over there because I only use it for pushing new websites and services that I'm offering Which Internet Marketing Forum is best? I don't post much around their forum because it seems that everyone claims to be a Guru and is trying to sell you something. And if you're not a respected member you will get flamed as soon as you have an insightful idea that goes against someones words Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

DigitalPoint is a shit show in itself lmao Which Internet Marketing Forum is best? I only use that place for an SEO and sales boost. They do have a decent PPC platform where you can advertise on every forum post and pay for each click someone performs on your ads. I've had a good ROI on that platform so I can't complain too much Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

The Community Discussion here is one of the better ones I've seen and I agree it's a little slow right now, but it will get bigger over time Which Internet Marketing Forum is best? If there were some kind of push notification or somehow to notify users of a new Tutorial or Tip that could help them make money online, I think this CD would gain a lot more attention Which Internet Marketing Forum is best?

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Oh thanks for that insight into the different forums Razzy. I am registered on all of those forums but I have not yet spent enough time on them to get a feel for them.

I can see then that WarriorForum will annoy me big time since I am so over all these stupid gurus.... They are all over the internet already so I don't want to join a forum and have to be nice to them just to network a bit!

I think BlackHatWorld would then be more my thing.

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Mine is blackhatworld. i am an active member in it and i do contribute immensely as well as gain from other members inputs in any SEO or IM topic being discussed at that point in time. Also you get to download free softwares and tools that can help you in your job as a freelancer. Also many SEO software developers make use of it to advertise thier products and even offer discounts to blackhatworld members. it is the best for me for now.

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I was a big fan of digital point back in the day, but as I said in my previous comments I abandoned digital point at some point because I don't see forums and especially online marketing forums very reliable in the future. The popular ones and becoming more and more inactive and the news ones, well, let's just say that there are plenty of new online marketing forums around but few ever get off the ground and their life expectancy is low, maybe one year at its best!

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I have came across many forums. And I have found that there are some startup forums which are region specific that can be good. And then there are some of the forums on quora where you find some good answers. Those are good enough for my startup journey. I think quora has the most best answers on such topic. But I won't say it's limited for IM topic. There are lot of finance type forums too.

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It depends solely on what you're looking on the internet marketing forum for there are ones online that you may join and even with a large number of users, you might end up not getting the desired result out of joining it. So, you need to look inwards and analyze what you're really looking for in an internet marketing forum before joining anyone.

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