What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website.

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What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website.

Plenty of you have seen them and I'm sure a lot of us have used them. But there are still a lot of people out there not using graphic charts on their websites. By using a chart on your website that shows your traffic, sales, posts, readers, etc. you can actually increase your sales a good amount.

Why do charts increase sales?
A chart shows users extensive information about your website or service and this is always a great thing when you're trying to sell advertising space. I've been to websites that have text that says how much traffic they're getting, what their bounce rate is, the click through rate, and so on in order to try and get a sale. But there are also those other, better, websites that put graphs on their advertising page which do the same thing, but add pretty colors and pie charts as well as bar graphs What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website. These increase conversions because people like visuals and not a page of text.

Selling a website and why you need charts.
If you ever plan on selling one of your websites, you'll need to set up some pretty sweet charts to do so. These charts can either be custom created (not recommended) or right from your third party analytics platform like Google Analytics of Clicky. Every person who is buying a website wants to see these types of charts because they will show everything on them that is related to your traffic. And we all know that traffic equals sales and buyers want to know your sales each month What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website. If you also make money through affiliate platforms you can get some detailed graphs off of those and add them into your sales pitch. Remember, people are visual and love to see images that show money coming in and profits What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website.

In the end, you should be using graphs if you want to sell something online. You can increase your conversions and get more advertisers. Take your time to do the graphs or hire someone to do them for you if you don't have the design skills.

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Nice one Razzy, I just love graphs myself. I do so much reading and numbers and stats online will just never be as catchy and interesting as images!

When I look at my own analytics I am drawn to the graphs and charts not the numbers. I can certainly see how adding charts to your website will help sales.

I am now thinking I should maybe add some for my services for publishing guest posts on my website, thank you!

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Awesome. Yeah, I use StatCounter for keeping chart like records of things. I know, I know! StatCounter! Yes I know but I do also use Analytics as well. And Analytics can give you a lot of information and really lets you drill down on specific actions your visitors too. But let's face it, it take about a week just to sign into Google Analytics! lol. And navigate to what you want to see. But with StatCounter I can see what my daily traffic is like easily and of course, my weekly, monthly and yearly traffic is provided I have enough log space!

But these sorts of charts. Whether they're pie charts or bar graphs can really help when it comes to wanting to sell your website. And I've often sold many sites in the past just showing them screenshots of my StatCounter stats lol. Its good to have and keep Analytics data as well so that you can add people to it so they can verify the screenshots you're sending them add up! But you can also create public access to StatCounter and give them that link and then they can see everything you see in real time.

The list of things that StatCounter includes is; Hourly traffic, Popular Pages, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Bounce Rate, Incoming Traffic, Came From Traffic, Keyword Analysis, Paid Traffic, Recent Came From, Recent Keyword Activity, Custom Tags New, Search Engine Wars, Exit Links, Exit Link Activity, Downloads, Download Activity, Visitor Paths, Visit Length, Returning Visits, Recent Pageload Activity, Recent Visitor Activity, Recent Visitor Map, Country/State/City/ISP, Browsers, System Stats, Lookup IP Address & Download Logs.

Which is quite a lot of details about your website traffic all of which can be backed up and confirmed with Analytics. What is a graphic chart and how it can help out your website.

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Not using any form of website analytics to improve your conversion and optimize your whole website is insane in 2016!
I mean for every single client I have I use Google Analytics, I never take an SEO decision until I closely analyze the charts noticing trends in the organic traffic, what pages users land on, how do they navigate the website once they are in and what are my other traffic sources and how well they are doing.

I always check three important things: the general bounce rate, the general time on site and the chart for the organic traffic of the last 30 days. I can figure out pretty much everything from checking these numbers.

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