Why do you think it's harder to sell a warrior special offer nowadays compared to a few years ago?

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Why do you think it's harder to sell a warrior special offer nowadays compared to a few years ago?

Hey guys,
I've used warriorforum in the past to sell my products. Ebooks etc. And it seems like it's way harder to score sales nowadays, compared to just a few years back.

Do you think it's because Freelancer bought WF? Or do you believe it's due to the competition and all the competitors?

I mean, even the greatest product, with the greatest sales copy and outstanding sales letter, seems to have lost the potential of earning something good. I know this for a fact, as I have several co-workers and I've had contact with multiple people from WF. And all of them seems to agree on this part. - The thing is, that none of us seem to know the real reason behind it.

It's all a guessing game so to speak. One guess leads to another.

What are your thoughts on this?

Best Regards,


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I've posted WSO's in the past and had a good amount of success with them. I was about to try out another one for one of my new websites but now I'm second guessing myself lol.

The conversions dropping on your warrior special offers is probably due to the fact that there are many more advertisers in a single section. Back in the day, before freelancer bought the warrior forum, there were a limited amount of spots for advertisers. I remember trying to snipe an ad spot for $100 and it was almost impossible. You had to be reloading the page constantly in hopes of seeing the call to action buttons light up for you to submit Why do you think it Out of all the hours spent doing this I think i got a total of 3 ads up for my websites and each time was pretty awesome Why do you think it

Freelancer purchasing the warrior forum probably doesn't have anything to do with the sales and conversions directly. But indirectly they could be affecting your sales due to the fact that there are more advertiser spots. So Freelancer is and isn't at fault for this I guess. You could say they are at fault for the decrease in sales because they changed the advertising system to allow many more advertisers.

I've noticed a decrease in traffic to the warrior forum over the last year so that could also be the reason for lowered conversions and sales. It seems that BlackHatWorld is actually getting more traffic each month compared to the warrior forum.

Another reason could be that ad blockers are becoming more main stream and people are downloading them more freely. Just a couple years ago there weren't as many people using them simply because they didn't know what they were and if they did anything Why do you think it Some people I knew even thought they were sneaky trojans that would just infect your computer lmao Why do you think it

So there could be a variety of different reasons as to why your sales and conversions have dropped Why do you think it

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I would say that if you are talking about the difference between sales now and a few years ago it is most likely due to the amount of competition. I am sure that making sales in an online marketplace is a lot harder now than before. There must be so many people jumping on the bandwagon plus I believe that there are most likely a lot more rubbish products on the market.

There are so many people buying PLR products, sticking their name in it and selling it, not caring whether the market is already flooded with that same digital product, or whether it is even quality or not.

I am less eager to buy any digital products online than I previously was, especially in the online marketing niche!

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Forums all over the internet are beginning to lose a lot of ground in face of social media. Forums slowly becoming relics of a time long gone.
Just think about it, can you give me ONE example of a forum that was around and popular 10 years ago but knows has more active users than 10 years ago?

That's right there isn't such a thing, same story with WF, for a long time now the only active users there are users that are active for years now, very few people join the forum and even fewer become fully active members, meanwhile they are losing a lot of people every day, people stop visiting the site and they stop posting.

SEOclerks and marketplaces like this one are the future, same goes for Community Discussions such as this one here.

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I guess the competition in the online world is getting tighter and tighter. I remember when I started freelancing as a content provider for forums, my list of forums was very long that I couldn’t even supply half of the demand in my list because I was not full time in my freelancing. But now I have only 3 and sometimes 4 forums to work on. You can imagine the changing times when it comes to competition.

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