Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow.

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Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow.

So many times I have had clients call, email, smoke signal, or send carrier pigeons to get a hold of me and voice their concerns about their rankings dropping suddenly. I always have to tell them not to worry because we've done everything right and this is a normal thing to see when you start up an SEO or Online Marketing campaign.

This is a normal thing because Google, Yahoo! and Bing will notice a lot more buzz about your website in the form of new content and links popping up around the internet and putting you in a sort of limbo until they can see exactly what's going on. The sudden drop in rankings happens almost all the time when you start a new campaign, it hits a little harder when it's your very first campaign because you don't have a backlink profile.

The drop in rankings will almost always affect your traffic flow and this is the main reason I get a ton of emails when Google, Yahoo! or Bing does a bigger than normal algorithm update. Typically it's just when Google does an update because they have the majority of the traffic between the big 3 search engines. When Google launched both their penguin and panda updates I had a flood of emails telling me that I was a scammer, a con artist and a thief. I had to go on the defensive and actually link these clients to proof that it wasn't me, it was Google, and that their rankings will come back up to where they normally were, or higher, because we've done everything in the right order to make sure they had top rankings. Of course a lot of people didn't believe me and I lost some clients, but the ones that stuck with me saw an enormous spike in traffic and haven't unsubscribed since Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow. Now some of the people that unsubscribed went on to post online that I didn't know what I was doing and that my company was a fraud, but that's only because they unsubscribed when they had a drop in rankings due to the major algorithm updates. And we all know what happens when you stop doing SEO when your rankings drop, you never come back up Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow. So these people thought I hurt their websites, but in reality they doomed themselves.

In the end, if you see a dip in your rankings, don't get worried. Keep doing the right SEO, avoid all the black hat crap out there, and you'll be on top in no time Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow. You may see a drop in rankings even when you're doing everything right, but that may be because your competition is doing something blackhat and spiked their rankings. But don't worry, they'll be gone sooner than later Search Engine Algorithms and how they affect your traffic flow.

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This is an absolutely brilliant post Razzy and I can say that I have ordered loads of SEO services before and I have seen the exact same thing.

My favorite SEO seller here always tells me to expect a drop in rankings and traffic before I get an increase, so every time I have expected it.

I have also seen that when there is a Google update my rankings are unstable for a little while and then they increase because I never implement any black hat techniques on my websites.

I think it is really important to remember that if you are not doing anything black hat there is just no way to get penalized by Google.

There always seems to be some panic going around whenever there is an update and everyone is always worried whether they will be affected negatively by the update.

I believe Google updates are something to look forward to. If you have a website and you have great quality content then why would you be penalized? Google is only trying to put the best and most relevant content in front of the person looking for it.

So do that, make your content great and you will find that you are winning.

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It also may be just Google Dance, meaning ranks can fluctuate a lot until more stable positions are set by the search engines.
You may also experience sudden drops in rankings when you change old pages and redirect them to newer versions. For example, I recently optimized one big article for one of my clients, I ended up in importing a lot of content from similar articles already published making the whole article bigger with a complete information. The old pages I redirected them 301 to the new updated page.

The following 2 weeks were pretty chaotic with ranks being lost and paged dropping off the index. But after a month or so the ranks came back and we now have better positions than ever, on more keywords than we used to have.

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This is a nice explanation for the decrease in ranking regarding SEO. I know that some people are so conscious of their SEO that I agree they will surely panic especially when their site is on page 1 and suddenly it is down on page 2 of the search engine list. And I have to agree that there is no need to panic since the search engine algorithms are changing. However, my question is this – what if the ranking does not change after 2 weeks? That surely is alarming, right?

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