English Language Test Badge Clearly Displayed On Your Profile

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English Language Test Badge Clearly Displayed On Your Profile

Recently, SEOClerks user Steven have the idea of an English Proficiency Test for sellers of level 2+.
That is a relevant concern in my opinion.
But due to the nature of the most sellers on this website, that could prevent many, if not most of them from achieving higher levels on the website.

That is where I came up with the idea of an "English Language Test Badge" that is clearly displayed on your profile and also anytime a buyer sees your service page.
That way, sellers struggling with the english language will maintain the business as usual but sellers with the opportunity or willingness to learn english would be highlighted a little bit more.

More stricter buyers or simply buyers that want or need a more decent level of communication, will find a valuable tool here English Language Test Badge Clearly Displayed On Your Profile
This will be especially true for the Level X sellers. Buyers will be able to have more choice and sellers will start increasing the quality of their service.

What do you guys think about this idea?


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I totally agree with you on this! - This would be a fantastic feature!

As most of you already know by now, I'm not native in English myself, but even though I'm not native in English, I still do whatever I can to communicate properly enough so everyone is able to understand what I'm talking about. - It's vital for me, both as a person but also in terms of business.

I can see why some people won't take advantage of something like this. Both because they aren't interested in such a badge but also because some people doesn't care about their writing skills. (Like Lynne mentioned above).

I've often worked with people who responds on anything I tell them with something like this: "Yes. I can do. Order now" or "I do now. Order." - And sure, that works totally fine, as long as I'm buying social media services or something that doesn't require much communication.. But when I decide to buy articles, SEO services, any type of design or even worse, a custom order for something. (WTB). - Bad communication will kill their chances to make sales. - I would never hire someone who simply says "Okay. I do now" for something like that. Never.

Let's get this English Language Test Badge up and running!

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So I am not the only one that gets that sort of response regularly? I never buy from anyone that responds like that.

I require all responses to at least be full sentences and to address the question I asked. It doesnt matter what sort of service the seller is providing. I want proper communication, it is essential.

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Lynne. You are NOT alone. I promise you.

I remember one time when I contacted a seller, and I had a proposition for him. (I won't reveal the user, but he's a top seller. I can tell you that much.)

Anyhow, I told him about an upcoming project of mine, and I asked him to lower his price with about $0,30 or so, in total, for each order I'll give him. Well, I asked if he could lower the cost.

I laid everything out for him, in detail. And I told him that I would order about 20-50 orders per day. I couldn't give him a more accurate number, but something around that at least. And I also told him that I would start today if he agreed. - Do you know what he told me?"Yes I do. Buy now" - Not a word more than that.Do you now what I did? - I closed my inbox and went for another seller instead.

These people are actually awful to deal with in my honest opinion, and that's why I don't do it. I don't have a problem with people that doesn't speak fluent English, but I do have a problem with people who's not even trying.

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Those sellers are a headache... They make you lost time and subsequently money!
Some of them are late and do not deliver!...

One funny case, the seller was late and after the initial message, I communicated 3 times with him.
No replies and then suddenly:
"please bro sometime"
I've sent another message:
"Sometime? You are already late...
I will wait a few more hours and then cancel if you do not deliver!..."
(I waited close to 13 hours)

Due to situations like these, I was forced to cancel several purchases (!!!)

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Yes I would also cancel. Absolutely shocking!

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Like I mentioned in that previous discussion, I think it would be a great idea. For me being able to communicate with a seller really is important and if I can see clearly their level of proficiency in English it would really save me a lot of time since what I do now is send the seller a message first and see whether we can communicate or not.

As you can imagine this can be quite time consuming!

I do think that something like this would be best since this should benefit the people that choose to take a test, but not put the other sellers at a massive disadvantage.

It might also make some sellers more aware of how advantageous it might be to work not just on their English but their communication skills since I have the feeling that some of the sellers I have spoken to seem to have a good enough grasp of English but couldn't be bothered.

You know the type of person that answers my questions with "Yes I can do. Order now". If I send a question I want it answered properly, not with a standard copy and paste answer like that. That answer tells me nothing except that the seller couldn't be bothered to reply properly....

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I understand the difficulty of communicating with someone who doesn’t know basic conversational English. That was my experience when I went to Hongkong for the first time in 1994. We were using sign language. But in the internet, how can you use sign language? Pardon me for saying but bad English can be a cause of misunderstanding so maybe I have to agree that we need an indicator for a user regarding his knowledge of the English language.

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