How to increase domain authority?

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How to increase domain authority?

I am on a mission to really get my mommy blog pumping now and on my list of things to do is figuring out what I can do increase my domain authority.

I am sure that things like building backlinks and social signals all help with building of domain authority and these are things that I am always busy with and I can also buy services for that... what else am I missing here?

My domain authority is 25 and I want it more!

On that note what is a good domain authority for a blog?


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Your DA is 26 actually and PA is 31 which is solid authority. I guess anything over 30 is good. By MOZ checkup tool it shows that your site have 31 root domain links and 970 total links. So you should get more quality backlinks from higher authority websites to boost your authority. Manual link building is recommended i guess and you can hire someone to get you some quality backlinks to your mommy blog or you can do it your self. Check someone else website authority and you will see where they getting backlinks from with high authority websites, like you have one from it would be awesome to have lot more of these ;)

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Thanks Abid, ok so a biggie for improving Domain Authority is definitely backlinks. I will get myself more focused on that then. I suppose doing some guest posts on other big mommy blogs would be a good move now then?

I think hiring someone here to do my backlinking work would be best since I am busy working on churning out a huge amount of content right now!

I need to keep the content coming all through December and January which is going to be a challenge since play school closes soon and I am going to have to work with my kids for a few weeks... eeekk!

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Keep in mind you don't need ANY backlinks, you need high quality backlinks from websites that already have a high DA score from Moz perspective. I don't think such backlinks can be acquired by a freelancer, in any case, you need a really good freelancer that has a successful portfolio of getting such backlinks.

I believe you are in fact the most qualified to get high authority backlinks, as the website owner you are way more credible when contacting big websites in making backlinks deals.

Maybe you can gather 50 top dogs in your niche, contact them all individually and ask them for a short interview, you will then have the content needed to write a big article about your niche and what "successful" bloggers or websites answered your Q&A. You can then mention everyone with a link and contact them back letting them know you published their answers. You don't need to ask directly to link back at you, some will just do it out of courtesy, even a tweet or FB share from them can mean a lot and you be still getting traffic.

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I think the main way to increase your domain authority is time. Keep building backlinks and creating quality content. Work on SEO and generating traffic and eventually, your domain authority will increase. I think anything above 30 is respectable. My website currently has a Domain authority of 38 and I am still working on it myself.

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This is my first detailed discussion about domain authority. I didn’t know that it matters much to have quality backlinks on popular websites. What’s on my mind to post quality comments on popular blogs that can serve as backlinks. Correct me if I’m wrong on this because my orientation is blogging so it is easier for me to relate with blogs. And how about in big forums that have countless of members? Maybe that’s also a good site to post the backlinks to.

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