AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked?

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AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked?

A few months back, I made a topic about: "Ask Me Anything Threads. Cool or crazy idea for SEOClerks?"

However, this time around, I'll ask more or less the same thing, but it's something I've thought of doing on my blog, if and when I create one. You could obviously do this on a website too.

  • What are your thoughts on this?

If and when I create a blog, I'll do a freelancing blog. So I would obviously interview or do some sort of "AMA" (ask me anything) with experienced freelancers. Top Rated Sellers on SEOClerks and other cool and successful people. Affiliate marketers, youtubers, that sort of things.

What do you think? - Is this a good idea, or is this actually already overworked and "boring"?

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Woohooo that sounds awesome! We could do an interview together Andre and then put it on Youtube... you know us with our sexy accents. I can just tell that you would love to put yourself out there and be on Youtube right?

On a serious note though yes I think interviews on your blog would be cool, and I do think video interviews would really go down well... and I know you aren't so keen to put yourself on Youtube though but I think it would rock.

The written interviews are ok, but I do find them a little boring. If you can do fun and engaging interviews I think that would be really awesome.

I am going to do my first mommy blog interview at some stage in the new year and I am so looking forward to it! I'll let you know how that goes down.

I am going to interview another mommy that has a mom based business.

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LOL Lynne. I've actually been on Youtube before. ;) (But not in a video review.)
But nah, I don't really like the thought of it, even though it would be SUPERCOOL! - I have too much stage fright for it. ;)

Video reviews would probably yield better results than plain text, and I've actually had thoughts of doing this previously, sort of, as a product. Like a "this and that for dummies" books, but with Videos instead. AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked? (And video converted to .mp3)

Anyhow, it seems like most people think it's a decent idea, so I'll make sure to remember this in the near future. AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked?

And by the way Lynne. You will be the very first person I'll ever do a video review with. I promise you that! AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked?

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I think this is a good idea you just have to make sure you have the learning kind of fan base. People who are interested in leaning what you have to offer as far as skills. I like this idea and i think we have something very similar here already. The discussion community is a great place for new buyers to ask questions and us the level X and the sellers who have been here awhile will answer them. If you made a blog i would imagine you would want to reinvent this idea a bit. Set yourself apart from any other blog on the internet by offering niche information rather than a ask anything kind of deal. I would not sit here and say that it is necessarily boring or overworked it just has to be applied in the correct environments to be successful. I think its great you are trying to start a blog its very important to keep your streams of income flowing. It is getting harder and harder day by day to do one thing and survive. Thank you for sharing great topic! I hope my answer helped you out.

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That's actually a solid idea for good blog content. And seeing as your blog will be a freelance blog, having content based on questions that other freelancers ask and another freelancer answers, will be appealing and interesting to other freelancers. And not just rookie, newbie freelancers either. But even advanced, experienced, seasoned, veteran freelancers like myself and other long running freelancers too.

This isn't overworked or boring in any way at all. Since when anyone does something like that, they're always usually interviewing someone else. And they always usually go about it in a different and unique way to how anyone has done it before.

And this would be an excellent way to come up with great blog content for your blog. And helping to keep your blog relevant as well. This actually reminds me of something I was working on myself recently. If you remember I asked recently what some questions are that you would ask a freelancer if you had 60 minutes alone with them. I actually posted that because I wanted to actually interview some freelancers and pose a series of questions to them which I would be able to use as content for my site.

Either for my site or put on here. I haven't decided yet lol. I was looking for content ideas for my site and that's one thing I thought of. But I think it might be better to post their answers to the questions that I had formed on here. I was going to post all the questions I'd put together on here, and then let people answer them in that thread. But you could do something like that on your blog as well. AMA/Interviews - Cool idea or overworked?

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Great idea, I wanted to do something like this here on SC community discussions but unfortunately I haven't got the time lately to expand on that subject, this is actually a great reminder and hopefully I'll have something until the end of this week.

This kind of articles are very interesting to me, I always read article interviews about big SEO around the word and their answers on certain topics and discussions. These type of interviews can actually gain a lot of social shares and likes! I've done something similar for one of my clients, contacting travel bloggers and interviewing them about their experience in Italy. Once the article was published I contacted them again letting them know everything was live, most of them tweeted or shared the articles which got me a lot of traffic.

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An interview is one good way of creating contents to your site especially if it is a blog. Just like a forum of question and answer, the audience of a tv show can learn from the discussions. A blog needs information to disseminate and even if you are an expert on many fields, sometimes you get lost on what to share so I guess this idea of an interview is a noble idea not only for the content of the blog but for the sharing to the readers.

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